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4 Places To Find Peace And Quiet At Sea

Cruising is a relaxing experience whichever way you look at it. Sea days can be spent lounging by the pool or indulging in some fantastic food and then when your ship arrives in port you can wander around your latest destination at whatever pace suits you.

But relaxing doesn’t always mean quiet. And so, even on small ships, you may find yourself yearning for a moment on your own or at least some peace from the other guests around you. Luckily, there are plenty of places on a cruise ship where you can find your Zen and turn the relaxation dial up to eleven. Here are some fine examples.

Your Cabin

Woman Relaxing On Balcony

Whilst you won’t want to spend your entire cruise locked away in your own cabin, it can be a comfortable retreat when the public areas get too much. For this reason, it is important to choose a cabin with enough space for you to unwind and with all the extra features you would like. This is where a decent sized balcony comes in handy. You can sit in your own private space and not miss out on the great views and fantastic weather that you’ll find up on the pool deck. Choose your cabin wisely and you’ll find yourself looking forward to taking full advantage of it when you return from a day on shore.

The Spa

P&O Cruises The Retreat

It’s no surprise that the spa area is a great place to relax, but this isn’t just confined to the actual treatment rooms. Most ships, such as Britannia, will have many other facilities within the spa including private sun decks, cabanas, secluded pools and saunas. Using any of these will help you get away from the busier parts of the ship and enjoy the sweet sound of silence. Because of this, it’s often worth buying a day pass even if you don’t plan to have a massage or facial.

The Library

Boudicca Library

Practically every ship on the seas has a library on board and, unsurprisingly, this is a great place to be alone with your thoughts. However, it’s not just for people who want to curl up with a book by the window. Cruise ship libraries can offer various other peaceful pursuits, such as board games, computers for browsing the internet and even jigsaws. If there’s nowhere to play a quiet game of Ludo or create your puzzle masterpiece, opt for the card room instead – another great place to clear your head for a while.

The Cigar Lounge

Churchill's Cigar Lounge

Smoking areas are few and far between on cruise ships, with most operators restricting it to the balcony of your own smoking cabin, certain outside areas and the casino. However, some vessels offer a dedicated cigar lounge where you can not only light up without offending anyone but also grab a slice of peace and quiet for a little while. Examples include Churchill’s Cigar Lounge on board the recently remastered Queen Mary 2 and the Humidor Cigar Lounge on board certain Norwegian Cruise Line ships.

So there you have it. If you find yourself needing a quiet moment to reflect on just how great your cruise is, there are many areas offering a bit of serenity on the seas. Call us today and we’ll find your perfect itinerary.

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