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All The Ways Celebrity Edge’s Magic Carpet Will Enhance Your Cruise

When the first images of Celebrity Edge were released, there was one particular aspect of the ship that drew the attention of most people first and foremost. On the side of the vessel, a mysterious orange platform could be seen, leaving many cruisers asking, “What’s that for?”

It was soon revealed that this was, in fact, a new feature known as the Magic Carpet, a multi-functional, moving balcony that will enhance your cruise in a variety of ways. As it moves up and down the decks, the Magic Carpet takes on different roles. Here’s a look at its many innovative functions.

Destination Getaway

Often, the experience of waiting for, boarding and being on board a tender boat is not the most pleasant part of a cruise, but the Magic Carpet makes it so much easier. As it moves down to deck two, it becomes Destination Getaway, providing an open-air space to walk through as you enter the awaiting boat. This is much larger than a typical gangway and removes the need for ramps and stairs, making it a very accessible solution.

Another thing worth noting is the spacious and modern nature of the boats themselves, very different from the stuffy, sea sickness-inducing options many will have experienced in the past.

Raw On Five

Raw on Five

At lunch time, the Magic Carpet moves up to deck five to become an extension of Raw on 5, a popular restaurant serving sushi and other seafood options. The platform not only provides a casual, open-air seating area in which to enjoy your favourite selections from the menu, but it also offers a range of exclusive dishes not found in the main restaurant. So, if you’re in the mood for lobster rolls, popcorn shrimp or crispy crab cakes, the Magic Carpet is the place to sit.

Pool Bar

Magic Carpet Day

Moving further up to deck 14, the Magic Carpet arrives in the main pool area. Here, it becomes another place to relax and enjoy a drink with fantastic views out to sea. You’ll be able to enjoy the live music and diverse goings on that take place in this vibrant part of the ship whilst seated on the world’s first cantilevered, floating platform.

Dinner On The Edge

Magic Carpet Sunset

Arguably the main event, the Magic Carpet rises to the dizzy heights of deck 16 to offer an experience like no other. Dinner on the Edge is your chance to dine with a unique backdrop and enjoy the best views in the house. It only happens once per cruise and the menu will be especially chosen by the chef to showcase ingredients from the region through which you are cruising. There is a surcharge of $95 per person, but it is definitely worth it if you love fine dining.

Want to experience the Magic Carpet for yourself? As well as Celebrity Edge, the feature will also be found on board the upcoming Celebrity Apex, due to sail from Southampton later this year. For more information or to book your Celebrity Cruise, call the team on 0800 035 0701.

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