Star Clippers Ships

Star Clippers Cruises

The stunning tall ships of Star Clippers offer something different to cruisers, which harks back to the good old days of sailing. The breath-taking trio of Star Clipper, Star Flyer and Royal Clipper are sure to leave a lasting impression on you and offer a memorable experience that showcases everything that’s fantastic about the maritime way of life.

Travel the world on these beautiful vessels as you take in the surroundings of the Caribbean, Mediterranean and Cuba. Longer, grand voyages are also available which provide extended, one-off sailings that are even more indulgent. Your nostalgic surroundings will offer an environment similar to that found on a private yacht as you relish the wind in your hair and a wealth of relaxing facilities to make you feel at home.

Luxury and comfort occupy every corner, whilst the bravest of guests will be rewarded with spectacular views from the uniquely converted crow’s nest.

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