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Cruise Ship Activities The Whole Family Will Love

Anybody who regularly enjoys family holidays will know how difficult it can be to keep the little ones entertained throughout the trip. Even the most exciting kids clubs can lose their appeal after a few days, as children start to long for activities that also involve their parents.

Luckily, cruise ships are home to many fantastic things to see and do that the whole family can get involved with. Here are a few great examples, but there are many others out there too.


Disney Mini-Golf

We start with a classic activity that you will find on board most cruise ships. Mini-golf courses bring family fun to the top deck and are perfect no matter your age. Some may be themed in line with the ship or cruise line (Goofy’s Golf), whilst others are more generic, but all provide enjoyment and a little bit of competitive spirit.

Family Game Shows

Disney Who Wants To Be A Mouseketeer

If you find yourself on board a Disney Cruise Line ship, there are plenty of family friendly activities to look forward to. Venues such as the D Lounge host regular game shows where the whole family can get up on stage and try to win some prizes. ‘So You Think You Know Your Family?’ is a great example of the type of thing you can expect.

Card Games

Family Playing Cards

You will never be bored if you bring a pack of cards with you on your cruise holiday, as almost all ships have a card room complete with plenty of tables. You can choose to play some family favourites, use the space to play a board game or attempt a group jigsaw.

Escape Room


Escape rooms have exploded in popularity in recent years and some have now made their way on to cruise vessels. Royal Caribbean’s most recent ships feature activities from partner Puzzle Break, including ‘Escape From The Future’ on board Anthem of the Seas. Can you and your family solve the clues to escape the room?

If your family loves these kinds of puzzle games, Disney ships also offer the Midship Detective Agency, which tasks you with getting to the bottom of one of three mysteries.

Sports Courts

Britannia Sports Arena

For sport-mad families, there are few better places to hang out than the sports court, usually found on the pool deck. These multi-faceted spaces allow you to play a variety of different sports such as basketball, football and tennis. The Sports Arena on board P&O Cruises’ Britannia also has a great sports bar nearby where you can watch live matches while you play.


Bowling Alley NCL

Bowling is a great activity for the whole family and an ideal way to enjoy a fun evening together during your cruise. Not all ships will offer this but you’ll definitely find one amongst the decks of some Norwegian Cruise Line and MSC Cruises vessels.

Bumper Cars

Bumper Cars

SeaPlex, onboard Royal Caribbean’s Quantum Class ships, is the place to go for some fast-paced bumper car action. This large, indoor entertainment venue is great during sea days because of the wide range of activities it offers. On days when the bumper cars aren’t in action, you can get your skates on at the roller rink instead.

Deck Parties

Pirates Deck Party

Deck parties bring together not only the whole family but everyone on board, creating entire sea days dedicated to a particular theme. Children and parents will enjoy dressing up, taking part in pool games and then dancing into the evening.


Arcade Games Machine

If you or your kids are looking for some virtual fun, most cruise ships will have a classic arcade where you can step back in time with a joy stick in hand. As well as nostalgic button-bashers like Pacman, you’ll also find up-to-date racing games, rapid shooting games, pool tables, air hockey and more. You can even limit your child’s spending by only loading a certain budget onto your onboard account and then using your key card to access the machines.

Laser Quest

Laser Tag

Laser quest is one of the newer activities you will find at sea, having been added to Symphony of the Seas, Independence of the Seas and (in early 2019) Mariner of the Seas, after it first appeared on Norwegian Cruise Line’s Norwegian Joy. Introduce your children to this classic 80s activity where you can join forces to fight evil from outer space or go head to head against each other

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