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3 Ways To See More Of Your Cruise Destination

One criticism of cruising is that you don’t get to fully experience each destination. The argument is that arriving somewhere mid-morning and departing late afternoon doesn’t give you enough time to have a meaningful experience in port and that cruising can, therefore, only ever offer a taste of the city/country. However, whilst this may be true in some instances, there are some great ways to ensure this isn’t the case.

If you’re looking to immerse yourself in a destination and enjoy more than just a passing perusal, here are some great ways to see more.

Late Nights And Overnights

Queen Elizabeth In Hong Kong

A lot of cruise itineraries do tend to stick to the schedule of arriving in port around seven or eight o’clock and then departing at around five in the evening. However, there are plenty of cruises that will break this mould by offering more time in port and the chance to experience the area after the sun sets. Look out for late departures – when the ship stays for longer and doesn’t leave until after dark. This provides the chance to enjoy a romantic meal ashore, see the city lit up by lights or do anything you didn’t have time to do during the day.

Better still, many cruise ships will stay overnight in certain ports, giving you even more chance to explore. These are always marked on the itinerary and usually take place in big ports where there is so much to see and do. This will give you anything up to two days to discover what the city has to offer – much more than a simple ‘taster’.

Explore On Your Own

Senior Couple With Map

Although the excursions offered by cruise lines give you a fantastic way to see your latest destination, deciding to explore under your own steam is often a better way to go if you want a more immersive viewpoint. Because of transfer times and varying degrees of waiting around, organised activities could mean you only have time to do or see one thing. Therefore, if you know there are many places you want to visit, grab a map (or your phone) and head out on an adventure. As long as you know the time you need to be back at your ship and you remember the route back to the port, many exciting experiences await.

Country-Intensive Itineraries

Map of Italy

Another way to really get a feel for a particular country is to book a cruise which focuses on one nation rather than visiting a single city in various different ones. Azamara Club Cruises have recently started offering a wide selection of these itineraries, hoping to appeal to cruisers who are looking to enjoy more than just the highlights of a country. Visiting many, if not all, of the major ports in places like Italy, Japan or New Zealand, they allow you to see so many sides of these wonderful regions. You will get a true sense of the culture, cuisine and history instead of having to leave a country just when you thought you were starting to get to know it.

If you’re interested in seeing more of a particular place, the Fred.\ Cruises team will be happy to help you find your ideal itinerary. Call us on 0808 252 5523 or click here to submit an enquiry via the website.

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