In terms of diversity of experience, nothing can beat a Fred.\ world cruise - arguably the ultimate cruise holiday as you sail to the four corners of the globe, taking in some of the most wondrous sights and encountering the most amazing locations on earth, from unspoiled vistas to urban metropolises, jungles to deserts, glaciers to tropical beaches - each one leaving its own unique and lasting impression.

With world cruises under one month long you are able to book either an individual leg or avoid the long haul flights and see the whole world in style and comfort. Sailing direct fromm the UK, Fred.\ can take you to the Caribbean, US, South America, Panama Canal, Hawaii, the Pacific, Australasia, Asia and the Middle East. Whilst we also have a wide range of Indian Ocean, Africa, Red Sea, Baltic, Mediterranean, Europe and Black Sea cruises available. With plenty of sailings to choose from you are sure to find what you are looking for in a once in a lifetime opportunity to see the entire world at once with Fred.\.

If you are looking for a more extended break, then we also have many World Cruises that are over one month long.