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Virgin Makes Its First Move Into The Cruise Industry

Virgin Megastore

Virgin, the company that we all know well for their air travel, TV services, and music label (among other things), is on the verge of sailing into the cruise industry. It was announced last week that the Richard Branson owned company is looking to shake up the current landscape and offer something new to a market that, according to Bain Capital Principal Ryan Cotton, “is ripe for a new entrant”.

There is no word yet as to when this step into cruising will occur, but we do know that there are plans to build two ships. Not only will these be something a little bit different to what travellers are used to at the moment, they will also offer many exciting activities and include Virgin’s renowned, excellent service.

Essential Experience Acquired

Although the company has experience in the travel industry already – thanks to their airline, travel agents and train service – they have appointed ex-Disney Cruise Lines President, Tom McAlpin, to help steer the course. Along with this they have also announced that Boston-based investment company Bain Capital will also be coming on board.

Miami Map With Pin

Something else amongst the few facts that we know at the moment is that Virgin Cruises will be operating out of Florida, with Fort Lauderdale and Miami being touted as possible bases. Richard Branson has also said in previous media interviews that he hopes to create something that will attract people who, like him, have never been on a cruise. This poses as an exciting prospect for holidaymakers that have always considered a cruise but have been put off by the average age or the fact that there is nothing out there aimed at them at the moment.

Hot On The Hotel’s Heels

This statement comes at a busy time for Virgin as they prepare to launch their own brand of hotels. The first one, in Chicago, has just started taking reservations for 2015 as travellers finally see an end to their anticipation.

The Virgin Hotels feature a number of facilities that are designed to offer a better experience to anyone choosing to stay there. From the unique ‘chamber’ designs, which include two separate rooms in one, to the efficient app that can do everything for you; this is accommodation like you have never seen it before. And it is this innovation that Virgin will aim to bring to the cruising word. If they can offer a range of services and facilities that have never been seen before at sea, then there is a very good chance that travellers will take to Virgin Cruises like ducks to water.