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Ventura's Shopping

Photo Gallery

The photo gallery is not just the place where you can purchase any of the pictures taken by P&O’s professional photographers; you can also have some of your own pictures put onto a disk or buy replacement camera batteries and other accessories.


Whether you are celebrating a special occasion on board Ventura or being on holiday has made you want to treat yourself, the selection of fine jewellery on sale at Eternity will provide many excellent options.


With a range of luxurious scents on offer, you are sure to find that perfect perfume to compliment the rest of your look.


The Emporium offers all your holiday essentials so that you never have to worry about running out of anything important.

The Wardrobe

Ventura’s Wardrobe is stocked with designer clothing items for both men and women. Craft your new favourite outfit and debut it that evening on board.


If you are looking for a great way to remember your time on your Ventura cruise then there are plenty of souvenirs available in Regalia. Your loved ones back home will also enjoy some of the great gift options on offer.