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If the views through the large windows are not exciting enough then Metropolis has another trick up its sleeve. A 20 metre screen shows videos of some of the world’s most famous cityscapes so that there is always an interesting view to enjoy. The soft piano music in the background will set the scene for a pre or post dinner drink, whilst this area offers a peaceful place to sit during the day.

The Exchange

With draught beer, fun quiz nights and live sporting events on show, the Exchange will offer a familiar vibe; similar to that which you would find at your local pub. This drinking hole has plenty of character with exposed girders, bottle green colours throughout and two model trains which make their way across the top of the bar.

Breakers Bar

The delicious and refreshing tropical smoothies found in the Breakers Bar are famous throughout the ship. You’ll also get great views of where the ship is headed from this seating area up on deck 16.

Red Bar

The Red Bar lives up to its name through the decor and furnishings whilst offering a great venue for an after dinner drink. There is a great range of cocktails to help get the evening started and the gentle piano music will create a relaxing and sociable atmosphere.

The Tamarind Club

The Tamarind Club is a venue that will add a bit of glitz and glamour to your evening as you settle in to watch some live comedy or dancing. The general feel of this space is inspired by India and the atmosphere created will help you feel right at home.

The Arena Theatre

This is the largest entertainment area on the ship, offering the chance to enjoy cabaret shows and west-end style performances. Take a seat in the comfortable chairs and prepare to be whisked along on an evening of music, dancing and fun.

Havana Show Lounge

All the passion and vibrancy of Latin America fills the Havana Show lounge, providing a place to let down your hair until the early hours of the morning. Take to the dance floor, grab a cocktail or two from the bar and see where the evening takes you. There’s also a chance to get more involved by taking part in some karaoke.

Fortunes Casino

The flashing lights and glitzy tables of the Fortunes casino invite you to try your luck in search of that big win. There are plenty of machines and games to choose from and you never know when Lady Luck is smiling down on you.

Tumbler Nursery

The Tumbler Nursery is a place where parents can take children under the age of 2 during the day. Whilst they have to be supervised by a parent at this time, the area is also used as a night nursery where children between the ages of 6 months and 4 years can be left in the capable hands of the care staff. This facility is open between 6pm and 2am and parents will be paged by the staff if they are needed.

Toybox, Jumping Jacks, The Den, and Decibels

These four separate children’s areas are designed for P&O’s different age groups. Whether your child is a ‘Splasher’ (between 2 and 4 years old), a ‘Surfer’ (between 5 and 8 years old), a ‘Scuba’ (between 9 and 12), or part of the ‘h2o’ group (between 13 and 17), there will be plenty of different fun activities to do which are suited to their age.