A Closer Look at Ventura
Ventura Reception

Ventura's Amenities


The atrium is sure to make a great first impression on you as you are welcomed on board Ventura. The stylish décor changes from deck to deck in order to reflect the various stages of the sun’s journey across the sky. The atrium is a great place to socialise and can be used as an easy way to navigate the ship.


Regardless of the time of day, if you need a question answered then there will be a smiling face at reception waiting to help you out.


With all the excellent shore excursions on offer, it may be a tough decision to choose which ones to take part in. The team at explorers can give you all the information you need in order to make an informed decision and then you can book your adventure through them too.

The Gallery

Wander through the corridors of Ventura’s art gallery as you gaze at works by classical and modern day artists.


The CyberStudy will make it easy to keep track of what’s happening back home and in the world in general. You can log onto the internet to check your emails or simply surf the web for some information about your next port. Don’t worry if you are not too familiar with computers as the patient staff will be on hand to show you your mouse from you modem.