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The Dos And Don’ts Of A Healthy Cruise Holiday

Falling ill on holiday is guaranteed to dampen your trip. Whether it’s just an annoying sniffle or a full blown medical emergency, it’s always a worry that you are going to end up far from home and feeling under the weather. These worries are compounded even more when stepping onto a cruise ship. Embellished horror stories of viruses spreading like wildfire around the vessel, and the thought that if anything bad does happen you will be stuck in the middle of the ocean, will have you on edge from the start. However, these cases are very rare and shouldn’t stop you from looking forward to an exciting trip.

Nowadays, cruise lines take every available precaution to ensure that bugs do not make their way on to the ship and that passengers look after themselves during their cruise. But it never hurts to be prepared and so here are a few tips that should help as well.

Do Be Honest On the Health Questionnaire

Medical Questionnaire

In order to stop illnesses ruining someone’s holiday before it even gets going, most cruise lines will provide each passenger with a health questionnaire prior to embarkation. If you are feeling a bit unwell it is understandable that you wouldn’t want to jeopardise your cruise and so you may consider keeping this a secret. However, this could actually put you and the rest of the passengers at risk and is definitely not advised.

Marking ‘yes’ in the boxes next to various symptoms does not necessarily mean you won’t be allowed to board. Instead, you will be sent to the ship’s doctor to be assessed before a decision is made of what the best course of action will be. The chances are that you will merely have to spend the first day or so inside your own cabin, which is a much more favourable outcome than the whole ship coming down with a virus that you brought on board.

Don’t Let The Buffet Overwhelm You


With a variety of all-inclusive offerings available on board, and a seemingly endless supply of food, it can be easy to feel a bit overwhelmed and set about gorging yourself from day one. However, it may be a much better idea to pace yourself, otherwise the sheer volume and richness of the cuisine may lead to an upset stomach. Rather than having something like that put you out of action for a couple of days, you can ensure you stay the course by taking it easy on the buffet.

That’s not to say that you shouldn’t take advantage of the excellent dishes available. And there’s always the gym if you start to feel a little bit guilty about all that delicious dessert.

Do Wash Your Hands

Washing Hands

One thing you are bound to notice during your cruise is the number of hand sanitising stations positioned around the ship. These have proliferated in recent years in an attempt to stop the spread of any bugs that do manage to get on board. You will be encouraged to use these when you exit and enter the ship, on your way into each of the restaurants and at various other points. Washing your hands and then sanitising them is a great way to make sure you don’t pick up any unwanted germs from contact points such as door handles and stair rails.

Don’t Let Jet Lag Win

Sleeping On Plane

Fly cruises pose health problems of their own, including the energy sapping jet lag. There is no definitive way to deal with this tiring issue as it tends to affect everyone differently, but you can give yourself a chance of not falling foul to it. The best way of doing this is to maintain a usual sleeping pattern in line with the time zone you are visiting. This could involve staying up even though you are drained or catching 40 winks on the plane if you have a night flight. Medication such as melatonin has also been proven to help. Always seek doctors advice before taking any medications.

Do Stay Hydrated

Drinking Water

Keeping yourself hydrated will not only help you fight off jet lag but also keep your whole body in good shape whilst you are away. The sun’s rays can easily creep up on your when you are relaxing around the pool and you can start to feel light-headed before you know it. There’s likely to be a poolside bar offering refreshing drinks or you can always carry your own bottle with you and ask for it to be refilled when you need it.

Don’t Forget About The Onboard Doctor


The vast majority of modern cruise ships will have an onboard medical centre to provide limited care to anyone who feels ill or hurts themselves. If you do start to feel unwell then it may be best to consult the doctor in this area of the ship instead of attempting to ride it out. The doctor will be able to provide certain medications and will help you get over your illness quickly and get back to enjoying your holiday.

Do Read Our Blog Post On Sea-Sickness


Sometimes you can do everything you can to remain healthy but still end up at the mercy of the waves. Sea-sickness is one of those things that you know you either suffer from or you don’t, and it can often leave you feeling fine one minute and then looking for the nearest toilet the next. In a past blog post, we discussed how best to avoid severe sea-sickness and so this bit of light reading may be the perfect way to prepare for your cruise.

Now that you are armed with some great tips on how to stay healthy, there is no excuse not to head out onto the seas. Fred.\ has a wide range of excellent cruises to many different world regions and from many different operators. Call us today or submit your enquiry online.