05 Feb

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Day 1 - Tue 05 Feb 2019
Southampton, United Kingdom
Southampton benefits from a sheltered location, unique "double tides". The port is the busiest cruise terminal and second largest container port in the UK.

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What's included:

  • Shipboard accommodations
  • Ocean transportation
  • Most meals
  • Some beverages
  • Most entertainment aboard the vessel

What's not included:

  • Shore excursions
  • Specialty restaurant fees
  • Some beverages
  • Photographs
  • Gratuities/service fees
  • Medical services
  • Spa treatments

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Day Date Port Arrive Depart
05 Feb 2019
12:00am   Southampton, United Kingdom
Southampton benefits from a sheltered location, unique "double tides". The port is the busiest cruise terminal and second largest container port in the UK.
06 Feb 2019
At Sea
07 Feb 2019
At Sea
08 Feb 2019
At Sea
09 Feb 2019
At Sea
10 Feb 2019
At Sea
11 Feb 2019
At Sea
12 Feb 2019
12:00am 12:00am Hamilton, Bermuda
As horse-drawn carriages pass by pastel-coloured homes, and a bobby directs traffic from a street kiosk, you'll get a feel for Hamilton's British colonial history. The city's relaxed pace sets speed limits less than 20 mph, making Hamilton a great spot to escape completely.
13 Feb 2019
12:00am 12:00am Hamilton, Bermuda
14 Feb 2019
At Sea
15 Feb 2019
At Sea
16 Feb 2019
12:00am 12:00am Freeport, Bahamas, USA
Ship Deck
With its beautiful beaches, inviting warm waters, dense forests and incredible national parks, Freeport - the second largest city city in the Bahamas - is a true tropical paradise. Whether you prefer to lay back, relax and soak up the sunshine, sample the renowned Caribbean atmosphere or explore epic landscapes, this stunning destination has it all.
17 Feb 2019
At Sea
18 Feb 2019
At Sea
19 Feb 2019
12:00am 12:00am New Orleans, USA
First-time visitors are often struck by the European flavour of New Orleans. It's everywhere in the architecture, cuisine, music and characteristic accent of the locals. And the "Big Easy" has around 40,000 buildings listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Clearly, more than just home to Mardi Gras, it is a mix of cultures with African, French, Spanish, Creole and Cajun influences, a city of privileged and poor, and a place of history, romance, intrigue and debauchery.
20 Feb 2019
12:00am 12:00am New Orleans, USA
21 Feb 2019
At Sea
22 Feb 2019
12:00am 12:00am Key West, Florida, USA
The vibrant resort and cruise port Key West is the southernmost of the string of Florida Keys so is just about as far south as you can travel in the USA. It is also just about the most laid- back, anything-goes place anywhere in this vast, diverse country.
23 Feb 2019
12:00am 12:00am Miami, Florida, USA
With strong economic ties to Latin America, Miami is hugely important in the Hispanic world. Its tropical climate, means hot, humid summers and warm, dry winters. Perfect for walking along Ocean Drive.
24 Feb 2019
12:00am 12:00am Port Canaveral, Florida, USA
Fans of the Apollo Space Program will remember watching rockets being launched from nearby Kennedy Space Centre. From Jetty Park on the beach, occasional lift-offs can be observed. Port Canaveral is an environmentally sensitive area of major scale, with a rich wildlife habitat. Right Whales make an annual visit to the coastal waters off Port Canaveral to bear their young during the winter. Also, manatees have a long history of using the corridor between the Atlantic Ocean and the Banana River where the Port Authority is located. Manatees also use the Port area for playing, resting, reproduction, feeding, freshwater drinking, and as a warm-water refuge.
25 Feb 2019
At Sea
26 Feb 2019
12:00am 12:00am Grand Turk, Turks and Caicos Islands
A charming island just 6 miles long and 1 mile wide, Grand Turk is surprisingly the largest island in the Turks & Caicos. What it lacks in mileage by land it makes up for under the sea, with spectacular coral reefs and pristine beaches inviting you in for a snorkel or swim.
27 Feb 2019
At Sea
28 Feb 2019
12:00am 12:00am St Maarten, Netherlands Antilles
The French and the Dutch signed a treaty in 1648 that divided the island between them. The two sides have distinct cultural characteristics and they spell the island's name differently, but it's their differences that add to the charm of this Caribbean hideaway - not to mention some of the most amazing cuisine in the world.
01 Mar 2019
12:00am 12:00am St Lucia, Saint Lucia
The island of St. Lucia has dramatic coastlines that frame a setting of tranquillity and natural beauty. Its people pride themselves in the care of their natural resources, which makes this an ideal environment for outdoor enthusiasts. Thriving coral reefs provide ample snorkelling and diving opportunities while the mountainous rain forest preserves offer superb hiking and bird watching.
02 Mar 2019
12:00am 12:00am Barbados, Barbados
Take a few more days to enjoy this spectacular Caribbean getaway. Barbados is a spectacular Caribbean getaway with plenty of British appeal and where cricket is still the national pastime. This tropical island nation offers awesome natural wonders, a fascinating and diverse history, and duty-free shopping beyond compare.
03 Mar 2019
At Sea
04 Mar 2019
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05 Mar 2019
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06 Mar 2019
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07 Mar 2019
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08 Mar 2019
12:00am 12:00am Praia da Vitoria, Azores, Portugal
Praia da Vitoria was originally heavily fortified and parts of the old town wall can still be seen, along with the Fort of Santa Catarina, built to protect the natural harbour. There was once another fort on the opposite side of the bay: it is now a belvedere offering superb views over the town, the bay and the Serra do Cume mountains.
09 Mar 2019
At Sea
10 Mar 2019
At Sea
11 Mar 2019
At Sea
12 Mar 2019
  12:00am Southampton, United Kingdom
Southampton benefits from a sheltered location, unique "double tides". The port is the busiest cruise terminal and second largest container port in the UK.