Poison, Murder & Mystery Cruise

Poison, Murder & Mystery Cruise

A unique Cruise Experience from Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines

Your invitation awaits.... Open if you dare!

A murder mystery cruise like no other. Cruise only from £2,499pp

This fantastic cruise is a special collaboration between Mr Fred. Olsen Senior and her Grace, The Duchess of Northumberland

You can enjoy:

Poison, Murder & Mystery Cruise
  • A murder mystery experience which lasts the entire length of the cruise
  • The chance to become one of the characters within the mystery yourself or simply sit back and enjoy while you try to figure out whodunit?
  • The opportunity to dine with The Duchess of Northumberland if you book a Premier of Marquee Suite
  • Learning about deadly posisonous plants up close
  • Tour of Alnwick Castle and it's ground, including the famous Poison Garden
  • A presentation by The Duchess of Northumberland on the creation of the beautiful Alnwick Gardens
  • Tour of the Pyramids of Guimar and legendary Poison Garden in Tenerife, as well as an outdoor evening performance in the pyramid complex
  • A spectacular agenda of renowned speakers including forensic examiner Peter Dean and archeaologist Dr Dan Jones
  • Enjoy a hands on demonstration of poison making by Mark Siddall, poison expert and Curator of the American Museum of Natural History in his 'Toxicology Theatre'
  • A talk by Felix Francis, son of thriller author Dick Francis, regarding his fathers spectacular career as an International best selling writer
  • Performances by the Travelling Players, covering, amongst other subjects, Rasputin's death, the Umbrella assassin, the trial of Socrates, the Borgias, Cleopatra's suicide- plus songs from The Little Shop of Horrors
  • ... and much more!

Pricing per person starts from:

Cabin Type Price pp
Inside twin from £2,499
Outside twin from £2,799
Balcony twin from £4,099
Suites from £4,199
Single from £3,899
There are a limited number of cabins available at the 'from' price. Prices correct at time of publication, but are capacity controlled and may change at any time. Prices based on two people sharing.

Included in your cruise

  • All meals throughout the cruise, from five-coure a'la carte dining to casual buffets and late-night snacks
  • Tea and coffee throughout the day and early evening and afternoon tea with sandwiches & cakes
  • Air conditioned en-suite rooms
  • All evening entertainment, including dancing and cabaret shows
  • A choice of daytime activities
  • Leisure facilities including gym, swimming pools and Jacuzzis
  • Captains Cocktail Party and Gala Buffet


Day Date Port Arrive Depart
10 Jul 2015
Rosyth, United Kingdom

The story begins Watch from the deck as the Travelling Players embark Boudicca with all their 'baggage'. Why are they here? What dark secrets do they hold? Will they still be friends at the end? Do they know that renowned theatre critic Victor Timm is also on board?

Guest speaker Peter Dean will give a fascinating lecture on his experience working as a Forensic Medical Examiner with the Metropolitan Police.

Evening Join us in the show lounge for an introduction to the Murder Mystery extravaganza. If you've opted to take part, find out more about your 1920's character. You might even witness the first clue!

11 Jul 2015
At Sea

Theme of the day: That most infamous of poisons - arsenic.
A selection of trivia relating to our poisonous theme of the day.

Evening Mystery guest speaker to be confirmed.

Film of the Day: Arsenic & Old Lace.
1944 Cary Grant classic. A drama critic learns on his wedding day that his beloved maiden aunts are homicidal maniacs, and that insanity runs in his family.

Evening In tonight's performance, our travell1ng players help you learn more about the infamous Medicis of Renaissance Italy. A family who became synonymous with assassination plots by means of poisoned food or drink throughout the 1500's.

First Formal Night: 1920's Theme. The first opportunity to dress as your character in a Gatsby-style extravaganza.

12 Jul 2015
At Sea

Theme of the day: Ricin & cyanide.
The afternoon performance by the Travelling Players will be dark comedy, as they prepare the poisoned meal that was at the centre of the intrigue around Rasputin's death.

Guest lecturer Dr Dan Jones gives deeper insight into Rasputin with his fascinating lecture Rasputin the Mad Monk: Seducer and Mystic. He was drugged, poisoned, beaten, stabbed and thrown in to the icy River Neva. But who fired the shot that actually killed him?

Evening Tonight the Travelling Players present The Umbrella Assassin where we discover more about the high profile murder of Russian George Markov, killed by the deadly Ricin seed when he was stabbed in the leg by an umbrella. Don't forget to keep your eyes and ears out for Murder Mystery clues cleverly interwoven into the script.

The Boudicca show team, in homage to Rasputin and his alleged poison-induced death, perform Boney M's Rasputin in the Neptune Lounge - sing along!

13 Jul 2015
At Sea

Theme of the day: The Unmistakable Mandrake.
A plant with a root that looks like a human which, legend has it, lets out a fatal scream if pulled from the ground. Throughout the day we present a selection of readings on the iconic Mandrake through the ages. Fascinatingly, this unusual plant has been referenced in The Bible, Shakespeare and Machiavelli and its roots have long been used in magic rituals.

Film of the Day: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.
Second in the world-famous Harry Potter series with scenes of the mandrake and the stunning Alnwick Castle.

Evening Celebrity guest speaker to be confirmed.

14 Jul 2015
Leixoes, Portugal
Ship Deck

Evening The Travelling Players present the wonderful song by Tom Lehrer Poisoning Pigeons In the Park.

15 Jul 2015
At Sea

Theme of the day: Today the focus turns to two of The Duchess' favourite poisonous plants: Belladonna and Hemlock.
The Travelling Players tell the tale of the House of Borgia. A prominent family of the Italian renaissance who favoured hemlock as their poison of choice!

To complement the theme, guest lecturer is Dr Dan Jones, who presents Lunch with the Borgias : The family that sleeps together kills together. Discover their darkest secrets'

Film of the Day: Kon Tiki (2012).
Based on the stories associated with the Pyramids of Guimar. legendary explorer Thor Heyerdahl's epic 4,300 -mile crossing of the Pacific on a balsa-wood raft in 1947. The intention was to prove that it was possible for South Americans to have settled in Polynesia in pre-Columbian times.

Evening The Murder Mystery continues to develop through this evening's performance. The Neptune Lounge is transformed into a court room for the trial of Socrates, but which method of execution will he choose? What clues will this evening reveal?

16 Jul 2015
Funchal, Maderia

Film of the Day: A Midsummer Night's Dream (1968).

The film version of Shakespeare's comedy performed by members of the Royal Shakespeare Company with stars including: Derek Godfrey and Barbara Jefford.

Guest speaker today is Dr Mark Siddall. He'll be cooking up all manner of poisons and potions in a hands-on, interactive demonstration, including a modern day 'witches' brew'

Evening In an incredible feat of memory, The tongue·twisting Periodic Table song, with all 118 elements described, is performed pre-show tonight. Listen out for those most deadly!

17 Jul 2015
Santa Cruz, Tenerife

A special treat today, as we visit one of the world's best poison gardens at the Pyramids of Guimar. Guests will be taken on a tour around the garden and the pyramids. Amazing stories unfold when describing the collection of poisonous plants.

Film of the Day: Piramides de Guimar
A documentary presentation of this remarkable garden to whet the appetite before the Shore Tour.

A stunning piece of theatre unfolds as we present a condensed version of A Midsummer Night's Dream. Set at the beautiful Pyramids of Guimar complex, this wittly-narrated piece takes us through all the major scenes of the play with a full cast of actors, sumptuous costumes and a beautiful sunset backdrop.

The play is full of references to plants and poisons.

18 Jul 2015
Las Palamas, Gran Canaria

Party night: The Captain invites you to a 1920's themed party. Tonight sees major plot developments in our Murder Mystery. Come dressed as your character and quiz your fellow passengers some more. Maybe somebody is not who they say they are!

19 Jul 2015
At Sea

Theme of the day: Opiates
From the Opiate Wars in South China to the poppy fields of Afghanistan, opiates have had a surprising impact on the world. Find out more during our opiate filled day!

Evening The plot thickens tonight as the Travelling Players give their rendition of Samuel Taylor Coleridge's epic poem Kubla Khan. Written whilst high on opiates, it is a masterpiece that has endured the test of time. The mystery unfolding off-stage is as intriguing as the one being played on-stage.

20 Jul 2015
Lisbon, Portugal

Film of the Day: Romeo and Juliet
The day's film will be Baz Luhrmann's modern take on this classic, staring Leonardo DiCaprio.

More today from Dr Mark Siddall, with his absolutely fascinating Poison in History talk. Not to be missed.

The Duchess of Northumberland joins Boudicca

Evening The Elizabethans knew a lot about the effects of plants on the human body, both good and bad; Shakespeare certainly reflected the fear of a painful death by poison in a few of his plays. Tonight our Travelling Players recite some of the more famous speeches and scenes from his works with murder and poison at the core.

21 Jul 2015
At Sea

Theme of the day: Women and Poison Day.
It is well known that poison is the number one choice of murder weapon by women. Today we uncover some of history's most infamous femme fatals.

22 Jul 2015
At Sea

Evening A pre-show vignette on Cleopatra, poisoned by her own fair hand. She has been immortalized forever by Shakespeare and Hollywood.

23 Jul 2015
At Sea

Today sees the last major opportunity for grilling all the Murder Mystery characters, checking for all the clues and evidence.

Film of the Day: The Little Shop of Horrors
A toe-tapping musical about the ultimate killer plant!

Evening Tonight the Boudicca Show Team give us a selection of songs from The Little Shop of Horrors with some amazing video and stage effects to bring killer plant "Audrey 2" to life.

24 Jul 2015

Expect a wonderful visit to The Alnwick Garden, where guests will meet the intoxicating inhabitants and become familiar with some well-known killers close up.

The Travelling Players will be accompanying guests to the garden for their final performance. Is that a safe thing to do in the country's finest poison garden?

Evening Everyone is invited to a final cocktail reception being thrown by the Travelling Players.

25 Jul 2015

Evening The winner will be announced tonight and able to receive their prize. How well will you and your canny fellow guests have done at quizzing the characters and working out whodunit?