12 Jun

Arctic Russia & Northern Norway

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Day 1 - Tue 12 Jun 2018
Southampton, United Kingdom
Southampton benefits from a sheltered location, unique "double tides". The port is the busiest cruise terminal and second largest container port in the UK.

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Day Date Port Arrive Depart
12 Jun 2018
    Southampton, United Kingdom
Southampton benefits from a sheltered location, unique "double tides". The port is the busiest cruise terminal and second largest container port in the UK.
15 Jun 2018
  12:00am Alesund, Norway
In 1904, a massive fire destroyed 800 buildings in this fishing port. Germany's Kaiser Wilhelm II responded with immediate aid, and Alesund was reborn. Not surprisingly, the town was rebuilt in the then-popular Art Nouveau style known as Jugendstil. The result is one of the prettiest ports in Norway. Buildings with elegant turrets and spires can be seen lining the streets of the city centre. Today, the city is one of Norway's most important fishing harbours and the world's largest supplier of Klipfish - dried cod. Alesund's major attractions are the surrounding fjords and the stunning Sunnmore Alps.
16 Jun 2018
  12:00am Trondheim, Norway
Norway's Trondheim is considered the gateway to the north and the cradle of national patriotism. Classic wooden townhouses of the 19th century and terraced flats provide for one of the most distinctive towns in Scandinavia. A long-established centre of Christian pilgrimage, Trondheim is an urban centre of cultural activities filled with historical sites, museums and art galleries.
17 Jun 2018
  12:00am Torghatten, Norway
A scenic cruise along the shores of Toget Island allows you see one of Norway's most astonishing natural wonders - Torghatten Mountain. The mountain is known affectionately as 'the mountain with the hole', Torghatten is famous for the huge tunnel that strikes right through the middle of it and has has to be seen to be believed.
17 Jun 2018
  12:00am Seven Sisters mountain range, At Sea, Norway
Forming a majestic chain of peaks overlooking the shipping channel, the Seven Sister mountain range is an awe-inspiring backdrop to the myriad of islands and Norwegian landscapes. Standing 1,000 feet above the shoreline, these beautiful women are perhaps best observed in all their glory from your ship. It is possible to climb them, and to learn the legend of the trolls who were turned to stone!
17 Jun 2018
Ship Deck
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18 Jun 2018
  12:00am Tromso, Norway
The most northern of Norway's rugged islands, Tromso possesses the true wonders of the polar environment: glistening glacial ridges, the icy clear waters of Lake Prestvatn, even windswept valleys where reindeer roam free. Amidst the beauty, there is fascinating history to be found as well, from ancient northern settlements to signs of sacrificial sites and cults that pre-date Christianity.
19 Jun 2018
  12:00am Honningsvaag, Norway
Honningsvag is your gateway to Norway's North Cape on Mageroya Island. This is the northernmost point in Europe, and the true land of the midnight sun. From mid-May to July, the full disc of the sun never dips below the horizon. In winter, the days barely lighten to a spectral gloom. To the north lies only the remote Svalbard Archipelago, Jan Mayan Island, and the polar ice cap. From the cliffs of North Cape, perched 1,000 feet above the Arctic Ocean, one stares into the arctic silence.
20 Jun 2018
  12:00am Kirkenes, Norway
The area around Kirkenes was a common Norwegian-Russian district until 1826, when the present border was settled. The original name of the headland was Piselvnes, but this was changed to Kirkenes (meaning "church headland") after the church was built in 1862. Grenselandsmuseet Museum, which shows the history of war and peace along the Norwegian - Russian border. In the city centre of Kirkenes is Andersgrotta, a vast underground bunker built during WWII which provided shelter to the town's 9,000 residents.
21 Jun 2018
  12:00am Murmansk, Russia
Located on Kola Bay, Murmansk enjoys two unique distinctions. It is Russia's sole ice-free port and it is the only city found north of the Arctic Circle. While Russia occupied the Kola Peninsula as early as the 17th century, Murmansk itself dates to the last years of the Tsarist Empire. The city was founded on October 4, 1916, as the administrative centre of the Kola Peninsula. Murmansk remains a vital strategic centre in the 21st century.
23 Jun 2018
  12:00am Harstad, Norway
Composed of some of the world's oldest rocks, divided by fjords during the Ice Age, the islands are the setting of fertile farmlands and a jagged coastline dotted with fishing villages and ancient rocks - rising sheer from the sea to over 3,000 feet in some places.
25 Jun 2018
  12:00am Kristiansund, Norway
Enjoy an excursion to Grip Fishermans Island which back in the 15th and 16th centuries was an important society. Although there is no permanent settlement here nowadays, we can feel the atmosphere it has absorbed over time. Enjoy harbour sightseeing by sundboat and discover the Atlantic Road.
28 Jun 2018
  12:00am Southampton, United Kingdom
Southampton benefits from a sheltered location, unique "double tides". The port is the busiest cruise terminal and second largest container port in the UK.