31 Mar

Easter Trans Panama, Mexico & Caribbean

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Day 1 - Sun 31 Mar 2019
Acapulco, Mexico
One of Mexico's top resorts and a favourite haunt of jet-setters and stars. Acapulco is an international destination alive with gorgeous beaches and non-stop glamour. Discover the city's many local bistros with their cosmopolitan menus and delightful mariachi bands. And if you... Read More

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  • Specialty restaurant fees
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  • Photographs
  • Gratuities/service fees
  • Medical services
  • Spa treatments

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31 Mar 2019
    Acapulco, Mexico
One of Mexico's top resorts and a favourite haunt of jet-setters and stars. Acapulco is an international destination alive with gorgeous beaches and non-stop glamour. Discover the city's many local bistros with their cosmopolitan menus and delightful mariachi bands. And if you like to shop, treasures of gold, silver, semi-precious stones and diamond-cut jewellery abound at the many handicrafts markets and elegant boutiques.
31 Mar 2019
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01 Apr 2019
At Sea
02 Apr 2019
At Sea
03 Apr 2019
  12:00am San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua
Nicaragua is the largest Central American nation and has stunning landscapes, vast cultural treasures, and an intriguing history. Located on the Pacific coast of Southern Nicaragua is a scenic fishing village named San Juan del Sur. Its bay possesses beautiful white-sand beaches and ecological richness. The nearby city of Granada is the oldest city in Central America. Founded on the shores of the "Great Lake," it has become a thriving port and community set amid an astonishing landscape.
04 Apr 2019
At Sea
05 Apr 2019
  12:00am Transit Panama Canal, At Sea, Panama
Panama Canal
Considered by many to be the eighth wonder of the world, it's not surprising that travellers across the globe aspire to one day witness this marvel of engineering up close. The result of several nations' historic efforts, a Panama Canal cruise is truly a once-in-a-lifetime adventure, best experienced by sailing through on an unforgettable cruise. Whether you appreciate the miraculous engineering that went into the making of the Panama Canal or the thrill of cruising a historically significant region of the world. The massive locks control the level of water in the Panama Canal enabling ships to pass through this 51-mile "water bridge". This entire trip takes about nine hours. Ships are lifted and lowered a total of 170 feet as they pass from the Caribbean to the Pacific, crossing over the Isthmus of Panama and straight through the Continental Divide.
06 Apr 2019
  12:00am Puerto Limon, Costa Rica
In the surreal world of the Costa Rican rainforest, the tropical hothouse environment pushes life into a constant state of fast forward. Plants live on air, not soil. Orchids instruct insects where to land. Puerto Limon, on the Caribbean coast is a gateway to all that bio-fantasia. There are national parks, refuges, and reserves in all directions, from the coast to the jungled mountains to the volcanic parks on the road to San Jose. Closer to town, highlights for cruise visitors include Playa Bonita beach, a couple miles from down-town, and a panga-boat ride along the Tortuguero Canal, which encompasses more than 100 miles of waterways along the coast.
07 Apr 2019
At Sea
08 Apr 2019
  12:00am Roatan, Honduras
As you sail into Roatan's sparkling new Mahogany Cruise Centre, you'll know you are in for a unique and distinctly Caribbean experience. This island paradise is surrounded by over 60 miles of protected, living reef that provides shelter to thousands of species of fish and marine life. The interior offers tropical jungles and curious upright moving "Jesus" lizards, as well as brilliantly coloured macaws and parrots.
09 Apr 2019
  12:00am Belize City, Belize
For a fascinating adventure along the Caribbean coast of Central America, Belize has it all. From ancient Mayan ruins to a lush rainforest crawling with wildlife to the large barrier reef surrounding the city, you'll be surprised at just how much this port has to offer.
10 Apr 2019
  12:00am Cozumel, Mexico
Located 12 miles off the southern coast of the Yucatan Peninsula, Cozumel is known as the gem of the Mexican Caribbean. Perhaps its name reflects the fact that its temperate, crystal clear waters range in jewel tones from stunning turquoise to deep indigo.
11 Apr 2019
At Sea
12 Apr 2019
  12:00am Georgetown, Cayman Islands
Georgetown is known for being a glitzy shopping Mecca with the fabulous white-sand seven Mile Beach. However if you look beyond this you will find an island with its own quiet charm and Caribbean lifestyle.
13 Apr 2019
  12:00am Ocho Rios, Jamaica
The name Ocho Rios means eight rivers, but the one word to describe Jamaica is inspiring. Its sun-drenched canvas of blue-green mountains, white-sand beaches and turquoise waters makes this island nation one of the most wonderful destinations in all of the Caribbean. From the warm breezes that blow under cloudless blue skies, to the cool waters of the mountain streams that lead to the sea, and the fragrant flowers that drape the rolling hills, Jamaica entices her visitors with a feast for the senses.
14 Apr 2019
At Sea
15 Apr 2019
  12:00am La Romana, Dominican Republic
Discover the luxurious resort town of La Romana with its sugar-white sand beaches, and pristine turquoise water. Explore Altos de Chavon, the beautiful and authentically recreated Mediterranean Village clinging to the cliff above La Romana. Stroll through the cobblestone streets and visit the stunning Church of St. Stanislausis and the pre-Columbian Indian artifacts in the Regional Museum of Archaeology.
16 Apr 2019
  12:00am Road Town, Tortola, British Virgin Islands
The island of Tortola and its capital, Road Town, is a place for cruise visitors to relax and explore the emerald forests and viridian waters. Highlights in town include the Botanic Gardens, the Folk History Museum, and the brightly coloured shops downtown. Oh, and the beaches, try the popular Cane Garden Bay or Brewer's Bay.
17 Apr 2019
  12:00am Basseterre, Saint Kitts and Nevis
Its capital may be French in name, but St Kitts, along with neighbouring Nevis, is actually the Caribbean's oldest British colony. We stop at beautiful Basseterre, whose Georgian centrepiece is the Circus, modelled on Piccadilly, with its charming Victorian clock. This scenic island looks simply stunning from the Fortress of Brimstone Hill. Volcanic slopes, verdant sugar cane and neighbouring islands are on view.
18 Apr 2019
  12:00am St John's, Newfoundland, Canada
Canada's oldest settlement is the gateway to the scenic wonders of New Brunswick, which remains remarkably unspoiled with 85 percent of the province still unsettled with vast expanses of forests, hills, streams, and a spectacular coastline dotted by historic and charming towns.
19 Apr 2019
  12:00am Bridgetown, Barbados
In the capital and cruise port, Bridgetown, there are intriguing signs of its British colonial past while, across the island, you are really spoilt for choice. You can enjoy every watersport under the sun; stunning nature walks and bike rides; or maybe a trip to the uniquely magnificent Harrisons Cave underground complex of caverns, waterfalls, stalactites and stalagmites.
20 Apr 2019
At Sea
21 Apr 2019
At Sea
22 Apr 2019
At Sea
23 Apr 2019
At Sea
24 Apr 2019
At Sea
25 Apr 2019
  12:00am Horta, Azores, Portugal
A hugely popular meeting point for intrepid yachties travelling across the mighty Atlantic Ocean, look out for swish private yachts as you cruise into Horta. It was also the favourite stopping-off point for 1930s transatlantic flying boats, as recorded in the fascinating Horta museum. Horta is the capital of Fayal, one of the smallest of the nine remote Azores islands which are 760 miles away from their parent country, Portugal. There is some superb scenery as you tour the island, discovering sheltered bays and hidden coves but, for the most breathtaking views, head for the huge volcanic crater, Caldera.
26 Apr 2019
At Sea
27 Apr 2019
  12:00am Ponta Delgada, Azores, Portugal
Surrounded by the blue Atlantic, the Azores bring you a chain of nine spectacular islands that will capture your senses like few other places can. Often described as the tip of the lost continent of Atlantis, this picturesque countryside is incredibly fertile and supports a dazzling variety of flowers and natural vegetation. The warm climate and ample rainfall sustain a bustling agriculture that often brings farmers three or four crops per year.
28 Apr 2019
At Sea
29 Apr 2019
At Sea
30 Apr 2019
At Sea
01 May 2019
At Sea
02 May 2019
  12:00am Tilbury, England, United Kingdom
The London Cruise Terminal at Tilbury is London's only deep water purpose-built cruise facility, situated at the gateway to London, just 22 nautical miles down river from Tower Bridge.