Celebrity Millennium Entertainment

Martini Bar

The Theatre

Fancy watching an amazing musical or spectacular show? Pop down to the theatre and get the best seats in the house. There are two showings each night, so you can always make it after your evening meal. Don’t forget to order yourself some drinks at the bar nearby.


When night falls, make sure you visit Fortunes Casino and try your luck at the many table games and slot machines. You could win big.

Martini Bar & Crush

Visit the Martini Bar for a spectacular show put on by the very talented bartenders. They’ll create your perfect cocktail with a few high throws, risky catches and slow pours. You’re getting a drink and show in one; what more could you want?

Rendezvous Lounge

Rendezvous Lounge

If you fancy a pre-dinner drink, visit the Rendezvous Lounge for a wide selection of drinks as well as live music each night. Bring your dancing shoes because you’ll be up before you know it.

Cellar Masters

If you’re a wine lover then you’ll fall in love with Cellar Masters; here you can try a multitude of wines from all over the world. You can choose to have your trusty favourite or a new, unknown option.

Pool And Mast Bar

Fancy a poolside drink? Wander over to the pool bar and grab yourself a cold, refreshing drink to cool you down after soaking up the sun all day.

Cosmos Lounge

When entering the Cosmos Lounge, you’ll notice the plush interiors and comfortable furniture. Make yourself at home and enjoy a before or after-dinner drink.

Video Arcade

If you’re a competitive person, the Video Arcade is the place for you. Here you can engage in video games of all genres against friends and family, but who will come out on top?

X Club

X Club is an area specifically for teenagers. Children aged 12 to 17 can enjoy each other’s company, engage in group activities and compete in sports games.

Rooftop Terrace

Enjoy an intimate, cosy experience when up on the Rooftop Terrace, as you watch a blockbuster film on the outdoor movie screen. Drinks and snacks are provided.