Celebrity Millennium Dining

Tuscan Grille Carbonara

Tuscan Grille

At the Tuscan Grille, you’ll have the opportunity to try some amazing Italian dishes with strong, bold flavours. You may notice some of these traditional dishes have a modern twist, making them even more enjoyable. Sommeliers are on-hand to recommend the best wine to compliment your meal.


If you’re staying in suite class accommodation while cruising with Celebrity Millennium, you’ll have exclusive access to Luminae, a sophisticated restaurant serving up contemporary cuisine. This restaurant is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner and has a different menu each day, so you constantly get to try new dishes.

Metropolitan Restaurant

The Metropolitan Restaurant is open for all guests and offers flexible dining, so you can eat at whatever time suits you best. The menu is updated each night, so you’ll always get to try new dishes and flavours. The options range from classics to modern twists.


Fancy a cold, refreshing ice cream? Visit the Gelateria and pick your favourite flavour. This ice cream parlour is perfect for guests who have been out in the sun all day and wish to cool down.

Café Al Bacio

Need your morning coffee? Visit Café Al Bacio and try their beautiful blend of fresh coffee beans. The warm-coloured interior provides a welcoming experience and the comfy chairs are seated by the windows to make sure you get the perfect view.

Sushi on Five

Located on deck 5, Sushi on five is a Japanese restaurant open for lunch and dinner. Sushi rolls, sashimi and ramen are just a few of the dishes you can order here.


Blu is a speciality restaurant exclusive for guests staying in AquaClass accommodation. Here you can indulge in Mediterranean inspired dishes with crisp, light flavours for both breakfast and dinner.

AquaSpa Café

The Spa Café is located within the Solarium and serves up light and healthy dishes, perfect for before or after a spa treatment.

Pool Grill

At the pool grill, you can grab hotdogs, burgers and chips.

Oceanview Café

Oceanview Cafe

The Oceanview Café is a self-service restaurant where passengers can help themselves to as much food as they want. They can visit various stations where they will can watch chefs cook their meal fresh for them. It doesn’t matter if you fancy sushi, Italian pasta or an Indian curry, it’ll be on offer here.


Qsine is located at the top of the ship. A gourmet restaurant that puts a twist on comfort foods, nothing is served on a normal plate or bowl. All meals are made for sharing, so make sure you can agree on a dish together and order from the iPad provided on the table.