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Would You Holiday With A Stranger?

Two or three years ago the saying ‘there’s an app for that’ was used frequently to describe the way that just about everything in our day to day lives has been distilled into app form so that we can control it at the touch of a button. However, nowadays it seems that the trend has extended even further so that there’s not just an app for everything; there’s a Tinder-style app for everything.

A Passport To Passion

Travel Date

Tinder is a dating app that is said to have brought the act of finding a partner into the twenty first century. You simply upload your profile and then browse photos of other singletons, swiping left or right on your device to determine whether you like what you see. And whilst this seems to work quite well for people looking for love (or just a good time) at home, could it really work whilst travelling the world?

Well, American website Miss Travel, which has just launched an app aimed at the British market, sure hopes so. Anybody looking for a travel buddy can download the application and either create a trip which people can join them on or browse those trips already created and fulfil someone else’s request. You can add details such as whether you are looking for someone to travel with you, if you would like a local person to show you around a specific destination, or if you simply want to invite someone to visit you in your home town.

When it comes to the awkward situation of paying for your trip, you can also stipulate how you want this to go. If you are feeling generous, you can offer to pay for the whole holiday yourself, or, if not, ask to split the bill down the middle or demand that someone whisks you away and pays every penny of your expenses.

A Call For Common Sense

Blind Date

The app is aimed at singles looking to find love whilst also indulging their passion for travel, but it can also be used when you desperately want to visit a destination but no one will come with you. No longer will you have to take the plunge and go it alone, as you can appeal to a like-minded traveller to share the experience with you.

Whilst the idea sounds simple enough, the act of going on holiday with somebody you’ve never met before can be quite a daunting prospect for most people. The website therefore advises all users to be vigilant in screening any potential matches and to ensure that that they are fully aware of their surroundings when going abroad. Some people choose to meet their travel companion before jetting off together as this can be a great way of determining whether or not you are going to get along. When doing this, Miss Travel advises that you should “use your best judgement when meeting with travel companions. Try to meet in a public location and take time to acclimate yourself with your travel partner.” They also remind holiday goers to “Always let your family or friends know where you are going and with whom you are traveling.”

Miss Travel Or Miss-take

Girl With Smartphone

So can an app like this really work, or is it something that sounds good but would actually be a nightmare when put into practice? Would you head off on your next adventure with a stranger in tow? If the answer is yes then you can sign up to the Miss Travel app for free. Provided you are a woman, of course. Men are charged a membership fee.

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