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What Exactly Is A Repositioning Cruise?

The term ‘repositioning cruise’ maybe something you’ve heard before in regards to cruising but what does this actually mean?

You may be interested to know that this is a great way to grab a handsome cruise deal and could see you save hundreds of pounds – as long as you’re willing to be flexible about where and when you want to go.

A repositioning cruise occurs when cruise lines need to move their ship from one part of the world to another. This is usually the case at the end the season when a vessel finishes sailing the Mediterranean and then heads off to the Caribbean.

The ships would be making this trip regardless of there being any guests on board, but operators look to offset the costs involved by offering customers the chance to come along for the ride. And, because this isn’t an ordinary cruise, you can usually find some great savings.

When Do These Usually Take Place?

MSC Splendida

The most obvious repositioning cruise is the one we mentioned above, when ships move between the Caribbean and the Mediterranean. As these are both popular cruise regions, there are many different vessels making this trip every year. Look out for them moving east to west in September or October and from west to east around April and May.

The transatlantic route is by no means the only journey you can take as part of a repositioning cruise, though. You will also see ships moving up the west coast of America (from the Caribbean to Vancouver) in the spring and then making the opposite trip in the autumn. Another popular repositioning opportunity is from Asia or Australia to the Pacific Northwest in the spring and then back the other way around September and October time.

What Are The Compromises?

Continents Restaurant Discovery

We’ve already talked about the advantages of taking a repositioning cruise (price), but it’s important to know that you may have to make some compromises in comparison to your usual cruise experience.

For a start, the cruise will effectively be ‘one-way’, meaning you will disembark in a different port to the one from which you departed. There is also likely to be more sea days on the itinerary than what you are used to, because of the fact that you will be venturing across the open ocean from one region to another.

Finally, in some cases, the facilities on board may be limited. This will not be enough to impact too much on your cruise, but don’t be surprised if a couple of the dining venues or bars aren’t open or have slightly reduced operations.

The caveat to this is that many cruise lines put on extra entertainment to help keep you busy during those extra sea days. This could be in the form of comedians, lecturers or organised activities around the pool area.

It’s Mainly Good News Though

Disney Aquaduck

Whilst some of the disadvantages may put certain cruisers off from taking a repositioning cruise, we believe that they are outweighed by the positive aspects.

As well as getting an excellent deal, you will also have the opportunity to visit parts of the world that you have maybe never thought of before. Because of the nature of these cruises, the itineraries often include remote ports that you wouldn’t otherwise ever get to see.

Also, you will have the added bonus of not having to fight off the crowds to enjoy the facilities on the ship. This means that you will get to enjoy things such as Royal Caribbean’s Flow Rider, NCL’s laser tag and Disney Cruise Line’s Aquaduck without having to wait in line.

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