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Venture Into Uncharted Territory On Board Seabourn’s New Ship

Fans of expedition cruising may be interested to know that we recently learned more information about Seabourn’s upcoming new vessel, including the name. The ultra-luxury cruise line that leaves no stone unturned in an effort to ensure your holiday is effortless is launching its first ever custom-built expedition ship to be named Seabourn Venture.

Ventures by Seabourn is a named already used by the company when operating shore excursions with a particular focus on exploration, so it follows that an entire vessel with this as its goal would suit a similar name. Set to make her debut in 2021, Seabourn Venture will travel to the Arctic during her first few months on the waves, before switching poles and offering a full summer (winter in the northern hemisphere) program in Antarctica.

Experts and Essentials

Seabourn Ship In Antarctica

This exciting range of itineraries will be aimed at travellers looking for more immersive experiences and in destinations that are much more remote than those visited on a typical cruise holiday. A number of things will make this possible, including the fact that the ship will be built to PC6 Polar Class standards. There will also be knowledgeable experts on board to help inform guests about the destinations and the wildlife that calls them home. These ‘educational’ moments will not just happen in a form of an organised lecture either; an impromptu Q&A session over dinner and a casual piece of advice onshore are just as likely as a formal presentation.

And speaking of going ashore, there will be some great ways to do this. A fleet of Zodiacs will mean that all guests can jump off the ship at the same time, meaning no waiting around, and a number of kayaks will help you examine smaller inlets and waterways. Also, the thrilling addition of two submarines (something also seen aboard Scenic’s ships) will mean that your explorations can extend to beneath the surface too.

The Usual Service

View Of Antarctica From Seabourn Ship Bow

Back on the ship, all accommodation will be in the form of a suite and will be outward facing, offering breathtaking views of the passing scenery. Many of these will also offer sweeping verandas to enhance those vistas even further. Seabourn’s award-winning service will obviously be at the heart of your cruise, inviting you to dine in a variety of wonderful restaurants and enjoy complimentary alcoholic beverages (and soft drinks) around the clock.

If you would like to learn more about Seabourn Venture or expedition cruising in general, call our friendly team on 0800 035 0701. You can also get in touch via the website by using this contact form.

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