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Two New Explorers Join The CMV Fleet

Cruise and Maritime Voyages has announced the renaming of the newest additions to their fleet. As mentioned in a previous post, they’re taking ownership of two previous P&O Australia ships, Pacific Dawn and Pacific Aria, and have changed their names to fit in with their naming convention that relates to famous explorers.

This time, however, they gave members of their loyalty club and followers on their social media the choice of naming one of the two ships. They provided the names of five different female travellers and let them vote for their favourite.

Amy Johnson

Amy Johnson

The list of names members and followers got to choose from to rename Pacific Dawn included Gertrude Bell, Isabella Bird, Amy Johnson, Mary Kingsley and Lady Hester Stanhope. Amy Johnson came out on top, receiving 41% of the votes.

Amy Johnson was a pioneering English pilot who became the first woman ever to fly alone from London to Australia. She was only 27 when she took off from Croydon to reach Darwin in the Northern Territory. Afterwards, she went on to set many more records, including being the first woman to fly from London to Moscow in a day and having the quickest flying times from Britain to Cape Town and Japan.

After she’s been deployed in the UK in May 2021, Amy Johnson will be CMV’s new flagship, taking over from Columbus. When her she makes her debut, in the summer of 2021, she’ll be able to hold 1,400 passengers in 798 passenger cabins.

Ida Pfeiffer

Sailing under the TransOcean Kreuzfahrten brand in the German market will be the previously-known Pacific Aria, now renamed Ida Pfeiffer.

Ida Pfeiffer wasn’t just an explorer, she was also an ethnographer and travel writer. When she was 45, she set off to the Holy Land (the area between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea) intending to complete a pilgrimage. Her travel diary, A Lady’s Voyage Round the World, became a book about her travels around South America, China, India, Russia, Turkey, Greece and Italy. It was a massive success and encouraged her to write A Lady’s Second Journey Round the World several years later.

Ida Pfeiffer will replace Astor, soon to be renamed Jules Verne, which is moving to the French market in May 2021. Ida Pfeiffer will carry 1,100 passengers in her 630 cabins and will work alongside Vasco da Gama in the German market.

What Did CMV Have To Say?

Christian Verhounig, the CEO of CMV, commented on this exciting announcement by saying “we are delighted with the chosen names and the opportunity to recognise two outstanding female adventurers and pioneers. Most of all, we are pleased to confirm that Amy Johnson will take over from Columbus as the fleet’s new flagship.”

Do you want to experience the brand new Amy Johnson or Ida Pfeiffer for yourself? Look out for their 2021 summer sailings when they go on sale next month. You won’t want to miss their amazing inaugural sailings that include unique excursions. To book your next Cruise and Maritime Voyages Cruise, call our team on 0800 035 0701 or contact us via our website.

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