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5 Things To Consider If You’re New To Cruising

The cruising market is constantly expanding with more and more people deciding to dip their toe in the ocean of options available when travelling in this way. Cruising may not be for everyone, but it is safe to say that if you enjoy it then you may never look back or opt for a land based holiday again.

For those who are thinking of taking a cruise for the first time, there is much to learn if you want to get the most from your trip away. Here are a few great tips that will put you in good stead as you enter into the brave new world of ocean cruising.

Mini Cruises Are A Great Introduction

Mini Cruises

If you are unsure whether cruising is for you and you are worried about spending a lot of money on something that you may not enjoy, a mini or short cruise is the perfect way to introduce yourself to this style of travel. Not only will your trip be cheaper than an extended cruise, you will only have to endure it for a few days if it turns out to be your worst nightmare.

These mini cruises will give you a great taster of what to expect but they do come with a warning. If you find it enjoyable you’ll be hooked for life. Fred Olsen Cruise Lines have some great mini cruises on offer to ease you in gently.

If you are looking for something that involves even less commitment of your time and money, then Norwegian Cruise Lines often offer one night cruises from Southampton.

Not All Cabins Are Created Equal

Queen Mary 2 Penthouse

You may be thinking that, when it comes to accommodation on a cruise ship, a cabin is nothing more than a cabin. However, there is usually a variety of different options for you to choose from depending on your budget, how many people you are travelling with and the level of comfort you are looking for.

Cabins range from high-end suites like those found on the iconic Queen Mary 2, to inside cabins which will not have windows and may have little in the way of luxuries. Position on the ship is also important. You might wish to be close to certain public areas or on a corridor that doesn’t receive much foot traffic; these are all things you can ask the Fred.\ team about when you call. If you feel that you may suffer a bit from seasickness then it is a good idea to book a cabin as close to the centre of the ship as possible.

Choose Your Destination Wisely

Norwegian Fjords

Whilst there are many world regions which cruise ships visit, from exotic destinations to classic ones, not all trips are advisable for first time cruisers. For example, if you are unsure whether you will enjoy spending too many days at sea, then it is not wise to book a transatlantic cruise on which there will be many of these.

Destinations such as the Norwegian fjords, the Baltic and the Mediterranean can be perfect for those that are new to cruising. There will only be a couple of sea days, at the beginning and end of the itinerary, and you will have plenty of shore days to enjoy.

Think About Who You Are Travelling With

Norwegian Cruise Lines Water Park

In the same way that there are many cabin grades to choose from, you will also have an important decision to make regarding which ship and cruise line you choose. The answer to this question will often be determined by who you are travelling with. If you have young kids then in order to keep then occupied whilst at sea you will have to take children’s facilities into account. Similarly, if you want to treat your partner to something extra special you may want to opt for a luxury cruise line.

Fred.\ has some great family cruises available from lines such as Disney and P&O, whilst we also offer fantastically extravagant trips from operators like Regent and Silversea.

Make The Most Of UK Ports

Cruises From The UK

One of the best things about living on an island is that there are so many accessible ports that enable you to sail straight to your destination from the UK. This will mean that you can start your holiday as soon as you leave home and don’t have to worry about the stresses that come with travelling by air.

With cruises from nine different UK ports, Fred.\ has a wealth of trips that could be leaving just minutes from your door. With their hassle-free nature, cruises from the UK are often perfect for first time cruisers.

If you are looking to take your first cruise or you just want to talk through your options, our friendly and helpful team is always on hand to hand. Call us today or submit an online enquiry.