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The Unforgettable Moments Of Any Cruise

For the most part, one cruise is very different from another. The itinerary will change, the ship will be different, the length of your holiday may vary, but there are a few constants that always provide a highlight.

When you return home after your cruise, you will be left with many treasured memories from your time away. And the chances are that a few of the things below will have made the list. Here are five unforgettable moments of any cruise.


Celebrity Reflection Sailaway

This is likely to be the first unforgettable moment of your cruise and it will happen shortly after you step on board. As the ship pulls out of port, some people will crowd on the top deck to join in with the drinking and dancing, whilst others will find a more secluded spot. This cruising tradition gives you a chance to capture some photos and get to know your fellow passengers amidst a party atmosphere.

Things become even more memorable when you sail with Star Clippers. The speakers of their sailing ships play out ‘Conquest of Paradise’ by Vangelis to add a bit of pomp and ceremony to each sailaway.

Gala Nights

Disney Formal Dining

Depending on which cruise line you are sailing with and how long your cruise lasts, the number of gala nights will vary. These special occasions are an excuse to dress up for the evening and enjoy a delicious, multi-course dinner as prepared by the chefs. These will usually take place at the beginning or end of your cruise, but could occur in the middle to celebrate a specific event.

Arriving In Port

Milford Sound

As your next destination appears on the horizon, you might want to make your way onto the open deck to experience some fantastic views. The bad news is that this usually happens early in the morning, but the good news is you’ll get to enjoy the first glimpse of your latest port of call with a beautiful sunrise as its backdrop. Destinations such as the Norwegian Fjords, New York and Santorini will provide a spectacular welcome.

The Lazy Sea Day

Cunard Relaxing Sea Day

Some people find sea days boring. For others, they are the reason why they choose not to cruise. However, if everything comes together perfectly, the lazy sea day is a thing of beauty. You can start your day a little later, knowing that there’s no rush to get off the ship. You can book yourself in for a spa treatment or an afternoon at the salon, and you can make the most of the ship’s facilities. On giant vessels like Harmony of the Seas or Norwegian Escape, you’ll need most of the day to see everything that’s available on board. A sea day can be as relaxing or action-packed as you want it to be, but the one thing it won’t be is boring.

Wildlife Sightings

Whale Breaching

Granted, they can only happen in certain situations and in particular parts of the world, but a wildlife sighting will definitely be a significant part of your cruise holiday. Whether it’s a pod of dolphins following the ship as you leave a Caribbean port, a whale breaching the water as you sail into Juneau, Alaska, or a polar bear on the hunt as you glide through the Arctic Circle, the moment will live with you for a very long time.

If you want to experience any of these unforgettable cruise moments, and many others besides, we have a wide array of 2018 cruises for you to enjoy. Call us on 0808 271 6453 to speak to our team today.

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