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The Rise Of The Single Cruiser

Single Woman On Ship

Historically, single travellers on cruise holidays have been overlooked and charged expensive supplements for fear that ships would never be able to make a profit if they gave their double occupancy rooms to those travelling on their own.

However, things have changed in recent years and the number of people choosing to cruise alone is on the rise. So with the major cruise lines now sitting up and taking notice of what is a growing market, there are plenty of reasons why you should never be afraid to step into the world of cruise travel on your own.

Fewer Single Supplements –

As mentioned above, there was a time when those opting to cruise alone would be hit by large additional charges in order to counteract the fact that they had taken a room that was meant for two. However, though these supplemental fees do still exist in one form or another, they are now less common, less drastic and there are many more opportunities to avoid them all together.

Cruise lines are now appealing to their single customers by offering special offers which wave the extra charges and allow solo passengers to pay the same as everyone else. Also on some sailings, such as many of our Antarctica cruises, a scheme is put in place whereby you can opt to share a cabin with someone of the same sex and avoid the single supplement whether someone is found to share with you or not.

More Single Cabins –

Alongside the decrease in supplements, there has been a large increase in the amount of operators that offer special single cabins which are specifically built for solo holidaymakers. This not only means that you get your own room (which is larger than a double occupancy room in some cases) you also pay the same as everybody else. This results in you not feeling unfairly treated and ultimately with more spending money in your pocket.

Balmoral Inside Single Cabin

Fred Olsen Cruise Lines are a great advocate of the single traveller and have cabins of this kind on all four of their ships (a single cabin on board Balmoral is shown on the left). Other cruise lines who also offer single cabins include NCL (on Norwegian Epic, Breakaway, Getaway and, new for 2015, Escape) and P&O (Azura, Ventura & some others).

No Shortage Of Company –

The very nature of a cruise holiday means that there will always be plenty of opportunities to make new friends, regardless of whether you are travelling with someone else or not. The general atmosphere on board (especially with smaller ships) encourages people to get to know their fellow passengers, and the great thing is that you will instantly have something in common - cruising.

Whether it’s during meal times, whilst watching the evening entertainment, or just relaxing in the many lounges that most ships provide their guests with; there will always be an opportunity to strike up a conversation, or take some time for yourself if you prefer.

Specific Activities –

In the past, single cruisers may have felt left a bit left out when many of the activities and entertainment options were aimed at people holidaying in pairs. However, there are now plenty of chances for singles to join in and even a host of activities aimed at them specifically.

For example, Holland America, have a great history of offering their Single Partners Program which includes games and hosted evenings, whilst they also have cookery classes, wine tastings, and other workshops for those travelling alone. Other cruise lines which offer similar initiatives include Fred Olsen, who seat singles together at dinner and provide companions during shore visits, and Cunard who offer gentleman hosts for singles looking for a dance partner.

Senior Couple Dancing

Don’t Be Held Back –

Cruising is a great way to see the world and therefore you shouldn’t be held back by the fact that you haven’t got a travelling companion. You can spend as little or as much time alone as you like whilst on board and there are always plenty of people in the same situation as you. If you really want to cross some of those destinations off your wish-list then it’s best to find a cruise line which has a great focus on solo cruisers and set off on an amazing adventure.

Fred.\ has many solo cruises for single travellers and our helpful team would be happy to talk through your options to find you a great deal. Simply call the number at the top of your screen or fill in an online enquiry form today.