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The Myth-busting Guide To Cruising

Cruising may not be for everyone but there are some people out there who are only put off because of rumours and anecdotes that they have heard concerning this style of holiday. Whilst the odd bad experience is to be expected now and then, regardless of the style of holiday you choose, many of the things that are often said about the cruise industry are vastly exaggerated or not true at all.

So in the hope of allaying some of these fears and possibly opening a few more people up to the idea of an exciting cruise holiday, here is our myth-busting guide to the world of cruising.

Cruising Is Only For Older Age Groups

Family Cruises

Granted the target audience for most cruise operators is those who are middle aged or older (as they tend to have more disposable income), but passengers are by no means limited to this age group. Cruising is becoming more and more accessible to younger travellers and, with many operators, such as Disney and P&O, offering facilities for children on board, young families are choosing to sail the seas more regularly.

Certain companies will have different target audiences and so it’s best to find those reaching out to your demographic if you are looking to cruise with other people of the same age.

You’ll See The Sea But Not Land On The Land

Itinerary Example

There seems to be a general thought that because cruises take place at sea, your holiday will just feature miles of ocean and nothing else. This may be the case for transatlantic itineraries, but the majority of trips will involve visits to a range of exotic locations where you will be given the chance to explore your new surroundings.

On most sailings, like these Caribbean cruises, you will get to wake up in a different port every day, with many extended voyages even offering overnight stops in certain ports. The main aim of a cruise holiday though is to show you as much as possible during the day and save the boring sea-based stuff for the darkness of night.

I’ll Be Bored

Zip Wire

Modern day cruise ships have a whole host of features and facilities to ensure the thought of boredom never crosses your mind. There are public areas to explore, enrichment programmes to enrol in and shore excursions to get excited about, so that you could find something new to do on every day of your holiday if you wanted to.

Some cruise lines are really trying to push the boundaries of what they can offer at sea. Royal Caribbean, for example, has ships that feature state of the art facilities such as zip-wires, sky diving simulators and entire entertainment complexes. Check out this previous blog post for some more amazing cruise ship features.

The Ship Will Be Cramped

Small Ship Cruises

The thought of being stuck on a cruise ship with thousands of other people may lead you to think that you won’t have much room to move, but this is very rarely the case. On the larger ships you may be sharing your trip with plenty of other holidaymakers but the sheer size of these vessels will still mean that there is space to find your own corner of solitude if you need it.

If you are that concerned about being crowded out then why not choose one of the many small or medium sized ships that we offer. Operators such as Seabourn, Silversea and Fred Olsen have ships with much smaller capacities in order to provide maximum space for their guests. These companies also tend to have higher crew to passenger ratios so that you can relax in the company of excellent service.

Cruises Are Expensive

All-Inclusive Cruises

A cruise holiday may seem more expansive than a fly and stay option on the face of it, but when you look a little deeper you will see that they are often far better value for money. Different cruise lines will offer different packages, but in the majority of cases you will be getting much more than a floating hotel for the price that you pay. With meals, on-board entertainment, excursions, drinks and even gratuities included as part of the deal, you can often end up saving by taking to the seas.

For example, Spanish operator Pullmantur and Thomson owned Island cruises both offer all-inclusive cruises that even stretch to covering any alcoholic drinks consumed on-board. There are also regular promotions during which cruise lines will offer you the chance to receive free gratuities or on-board spending money when booking before a certain date.

Cruise Aren’t Very Flexible

Mini Cruises

If you are hoping to handpick a range of destinations and then charter your own private liner to take you to each of them in turn, then sadly a cruise holiday is not going to be able to meet your demands. However, this doesn’t mean that trips of this kind can’t be flexible.

With sailings that depart straight from the UK you start your holiday almost as soon as you leave your home, and with the ability to choose from mini cruises, world cruises, and everything in between; the length of your holiday can be as flexible as you need it to be. There’s also a wide range of ships to suit a variety of different budgets, resulting in so many different options across the entire globe.

Once you arrive in a destination, you can then choose what you would like to get up to, whether that involves something pre-arranged or your own explorations. Some operators even offer the chance to fly out and meet a ship during its voyage if you only want to experience part of its planned route.

Cruising really is a great way to see the world and far from the cramped, expensive and boring experience that some people seem to have in their minds. Hopefully the debunking of some of these myths will result in more people opting for a holiday of this kind.

Whether you are new to cruising or you want to continue the habit of a lifetime, Fred.\ can help arrange you next trip. Call to speak to a member of our friendly team or fill in an online enquiry.