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Special Interest Cruises To Look Out For

Most cruises will try to attract as many people as possible by offering a wide range of facilities and entertainment to suit cruisers of all interests. However, some cruises will particularly appeal to certain groups thanks to a theme or special interest that takes over the ship and governs what happens during the sailing.

Themed ocean cruises are on the rise and so you can now find options that are aimed at a variety of different niches. Here are a few of our favourites that are coming up in the future.


Music Cruises

Music is probably the most popular special interest found on cruises. There are options that resemble festivals, with a range of different acts taking to the stage during the course of the trip, as well as those which are hosted by one famous artist or group and feature their music and that of their industry friends.

Examples of the former include those devoted to rock, country and blues music, whereas you can count the Parahoy cruise from pop-punk favourites Paramore as a lead example of the latter. After first sailing in 2013, the second ever Parahoy cruise is due to depart Miami on March the 5th 2016. Fans of the band can join them for a Q and A session on board, take part in Paraoke (karaoke with Paramore) and, of course, watch the rockers performer live.

TV & Film

Zombies Ahead

Fans of TV and film will love nothing more than to immerse themselves into the world of their favourite show or movie. Disney Cruise Line have already announced that they will be holding special Star Wars days during a number of their early 2016 cruises, but there are other options that last longer than 24 hours.

Fans of the hit US TV show The Walking Dead will be pleased to know that Norwegian Cruise Lines have just announced that the Walker Stalker Cruise is due to take place on board Norwegian Pearl from the 15th of January 2016. Zombies will take over the ship for a three day cruise to the Bahamas, with the chance to meet their favourite actors from the show and partake in whatever it is the living dead do for entertainment. Other options in this niche include the Back to the Future cruise on board Oasis of the Seas in November 2015. The sailing takes place on the original film’s 30th anniversary and will raise money for Parkinson’s disease.



Although you are sure to find food on every cruise, there are some that will feature certain morsels more heavily. Take, for example, the Chocolate Cruise with Regent Seven Seas that is due to set sail in just under a month. The first itinerary has already sailed, from London to Copenhagen, but there is a second scheduled to depart from Stockholm on the 5th of August and end in London 12 nights later. During the trip, guests will be invited to eat plenty of chocolate, sip chocolate flavoured cocktails and even take part in cookery demonstrations.


Strictly Cruises

Whether you love Strictly Come Dancing or you prefer the way that the Americans do it on Dancing with the Stars, there are plenty of cruises that will have you dancing for joy. The first Dancing with the Stars themed cruises from Holland America Line may have already sailed, but the operator has already announced two more for the beginning of next year. On the other side of the Atlantic though, P&O Cruises have lined up some Strictly cruises for 2016 after the success of those that took place this year.

Both options give you the chance to meet the stars from the respective shows, as well as limbering up on the floor yourself if you wish. What’s more, the Strictly sailings will feature the professionals that we all know and love competing against each other in competitions that are critiqued by past and present judges from the show.

If you’d like to book any of these special interest cruises, or any others that you know about, please call our team today. We can help you join other fans and meet your favourite stars.

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