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Royal Caribbean To Increase Presence In Miami With New Cruise Terminal

Last week, Royal Caribbean reached an agreement with Miami-Dade County to build a brand new cruise terminal at PortMiami. Official approval will not be confirmed until Thursday of this week but it’s likely to go through without a hitch, meaning the operator can start work on expanding the capacity of The Magic City for their own cruise passengers.

Miami Port

Just like the population of Miami itself, which rose sharply in the 110-year period between 1896 and 2008, this new terminal will drastically increase the about of people that can sail into the city on board a Royal Caribbean ship. The current annual figure for the line is around 750,000, but the aim is to more than double this to almost 1.8 million once the new building is complete. In doing this, the Oasis-class vessels that currently represent the largest cruise ships in the world will be able to drop anchor in Miami. At the moment, the existing terminals can only welcome ships carrying a maximum of 5,000 passengers, but Oasis, Allure and Harmony of the Seas can all carry 5,400.

The new terminal building will be more than just a practical construction, though, as it will also add to the aesthetics of the area and be in keeping with Miami’s iconic skyline. In line with Royal Caribbean’s emblem, it will be known as ‘the crown’ and will also be built to resemble one from certain angles. At night, it will be adorned with twinkling lights to help it stand out in the thriving downtown area of the city.

Miami-Dade County has praised the impact the new terminal will have on the area, injecting an estimated $500 million into the local economy and created around 4,000 jobs. Mayor Carlos Gimenez said “Royal Caribbean has been an important part of our world-class community for almost 50 years, and this expansion will once again make PortMiami Royal Caribbean’s largest cruise port in the world.”

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