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Royal Caribbean Looks To Create An Eco-Friendly Icon

Royal Caribbean Ship

As the current owners of the largest cruise ship sailing the seas, Royal Caribbean have made a name or themselves as innovators in the cruise industry. Their new ship launches are met with much anticipation and time and time again they push the boundaries of what is possible on a cruise ship. Never wanting to stand still, plans have been announced for a new era of Royal Caribbean vessels.

In 2022 and 2024, the operator is set to debut two new ships that will be powered by liquefied natural gas, which is known as LNG and much easier on the environment than traditional engines. This type of fuel cell propulsion has been in development for years and is set to be used by Hurtigruten’s new polar ships when they are launched in 2018. Between now and 2022, Royal Caribbean has also said that it will trail LNG on existing vessels to continue to understand how it can decrease emissions.

Little is known about these two new ships, other than the fact that the class they represent will be known as Icon Class. And since Royal Caribbean has taken the time to trademark the term ‘Icon of the Seas’, there’s a big chance that the first of these will bear this name. Initial suggestions are that there will be a capacity for 5,000 guests, which would put them between Quantum and Oasis Class in terms of size.

As more and more cruise lines start to adopt this new technology and the improvements are made in regards to the size and viability of these fuel cells, it is hoped that the world of ocean cruising will become a lot greener. LNG produces no sulphur and is thought to be the cleanest burning fossil fuel. Combine this with fuel cells that produce no emissions and, as Richard Fain, chairman and chief executive officer of Royal Caribbean Cruises says, “…we move further in the journey to take the smoke out of our smokestacks.”

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