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Royal Caribbean Forms Wild Partnership

Cruise lines often partner with other companies and organisations around the world in order to give their guests something different to look forward to on board. For example, Celebrity Cruises are in partnership with Apple to enable them to offer the innovative iLounge on board, Princess Cruises use their deal with the Discovery Channel to offer exciting activities during their shore excursions and, until recently, Norwegian Cruise Line offered a whole lot of Nickelodeon based fun due to its affiliation with the TV network.

A Two-Way Affair

Oasis of the Seas

Many of these are seemingly one way exchanges where a company offers the usage of their brand for a fee. However, Royal Caribbean’s latest partnership looks to be more of a two-way affair. In January, the cruise line announced that it would be joining forces with the World Wildlife Fund to help improve the environment and offer new services to guests. Whilst cruisers will receive a WWF magazine in their cabin and have access to a dedicated channel on their television, both companies see this as an opportunity to preserve the world’s oceans.

In return, Royal Caribbean has stated their commitment to achieving a number of eco targets in the coming years. Greenhouse gases from the ships’ engines will be reduced by a massive 35% before the deadline of 2020, the cruise line will endeavour to source over 90% of its fish from sustainable fisheries and it will re-evaluate the work it does in the destinations that are visited.

Better Together

A handsome contribution has also been made towards WWF’s global conservation of our oceans. It is hoped that by increasing knowledge and awareness of these projects through this joint venture, we will all be in a better position to look after our world and reduce our overall effect on the environment.

The announcement kicked off what is set to be a landmark year for Royal Caribbean Cruises, as they prepare to launch their next Quantum and Oasis class ships. If you are looking to cruise on board Ovation of the Seas or Harmony of the Seas in their debut year, call our knowledgeable team today and we’ll find the perfect holiday for you.

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