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On Your Marks…Jet Set…Sail

Stanstead Airport Inflite Terminal

If you are usually put off from taking a fly cruise because of the hassle involved in having to reach the ship via an airport, Celebrity Cruises have announced a campaign that may cause you to think again. Last week, we were lucky enough to attend the launch of their brand new Jet Set Sail scheme, which aims to take all of the stress out of a Mediterranean fly cruise holiday and have you laughing all the way to your cabin.

Based in the private Inflite terminal at London’s Stanstead airport, Celebrity Cruises’ exclusive departure lounge will ensure that the build up to your flight is as relaxing as possible. It’s like having your very own business lounge that is just dedicated to those sailing with the operator and that offers all of the luxuries you would expect. Not only can you relax in pleasant and comfortable surroundings, but the terminal also offers a great choice of light refreshments in the form of alcoholic beverages and nibbles. Of course, these are all included in the price.

The Simple Life

Celebrity Cruises Cushion

Celebrity Cruises Private Departure Lounge

Something else that comes part of the package is the ability to park directly outside the building for free. That’s right, there’s no need to pay a hefty fee only to leave your car miles away from the check-in desk and then traipse yourself and your luggage all the way to the door. You simply park up metres from the door and stroll across the tarmac to check-in your bags. Incidentally, the process is just a one hour check-in so there is no need to get to the airport any earlier than that. However, it may be worth arriving sooner so that you can enjoy the fantastic surroundings for a little bit longer.

After your bags are checked, security is a breeze. Lines are shorter due to the exclusive number of passengers that will be travelling out of the terminal and then you are free to relax until your flight is ready. At this point, instead of walking to the furthest point of the airport, you just need to take a few steps outside and your plane will be right there waiting for you.

On Board

Celebrity Cruises Private Plane

Celebrity Cruises Plane Seat Branding

Once onboard, the Celebrity treatment continues. The first thing you’ll notice will be the leather seats with a pitch of 31 inches. But as you settle in for your flight to Athens, Rome, Barcelona or Istanbul, you’ll also be treated to a two-course breakfast with drinks. This is replaced by a two-course lunch during your return journey.

And speaking of your return, it will be the smoothest venture from runway to your car door that you have ever faced. You step off the plane and into a dedicated arrivals lounge where the security checks and wait for your luggage take no time at all. Bags successfully reclaimed, you can then head out into the car park to take those last few steps to your car. One couple who recently undertook this journey claimed to have completed it in just 6 minutes; a time that must be verging on a world record and that will impress even the most impatient of flyers.

An Attractive Price

Celebrity Cruises Model Plane

Overall, it seems that Celebrity Cruises have been successful in their bid to eliminate those unwanted stressful airport experiences. Everything seems to be in place to provide you with the most effortless and relaxing way to embark on your 2016 Mediterranean fly cruise. And usually we would get to this point and reach the one stumbling block – the price. However, that is not the case here. Whilst some departures cost roughly £50 more than a similar experience at a rival airport (but let’s face it, there’s a lot more packed into this service), other packages actually work out up to £40 cheaper than flying from another London airport without the added extras.

All cruises take place aboard the award-winning Celebrity Equinox and include seven and 11-night options in both the Eastern and Western Med. All, apart from the flight to Athens*, allow you to take up to 25kg of luggage and all include free parking, access to the luxurious departure lounge, free transfers to and from the port and the in-flight meals mentioned above. Whichever way you look at it, this is a great way to live the jet set lifestyle for less

We have listed all the departures currently available in the Jet Set Sail campaign below. If you would like to learn more about the initiative, or you would like to book your cruise, call us today on the number at the top of the page.

*Luggage allowance reduced to 23kg on Athens flight due to slightly shorter runway.

Jet Set Sail Cruises

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