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Dream Cruise Destinations

Most of us will only ever get the one chance to visit that dream destination we’ve always wanted to explore. A lucky few may get more than one opportunity and a further, smaller and even luckier, portion may get to travel in this way a lot more frequently, but for the majority of those who have a passion for travel, that dream destination is a once-in-a-lifetime trip.

So which destinations more commonly feature on people’s ultimate aspiration lists? Here are a few of those places which have many of us swooning and frantically saving those pennies in order to sail to their shores ourselves.


Sydney Harbour

Possibly down to its distance from the UK and definitely down to the fantastic weather, Australia is one of those places that people consider to offer the type of holiday that you only do once. Ports like Sydney have become more and more popular on cruise itineraries and world cruises almost always now visit a destination within the country.

Amongst the big draws that Australia has is the wealth of idyllic beaches that can be found on the island. Some of the best sandy hotspots in the world are here and so people are willing to come from far and wide to enjoy them. Another big reason for travelling down under is the nature on display. The Great Barrier Reef and the Outback are just two things that draw nature lovers to the shores of this great country year after year.

The Caribbean

Antigua Harbour

The Caribbean has long been a favourite cruise region and most of the major operators now have ships that travel here for at least part of the year. Although there are people who return again and again, there are many more that dream of plonking themselves on one of the copious white sandy beaches but have never had the opportunity to do so.

With the influx of Caribbean cruises, there are now different itineraries that go to different parts of the region. Often these are separated into those that focus on either the eastern or western areas, but there are also those that explore particular countries like the Bahamas or the Dominican Republic. The perennial warm temperatures make the Caribbean the perfect dream holiday destination and various cruise operators also have private islands here.


Fiji Beach

Fiji is another destination that has the ‘long haul factor’ whereby the holiday feels more of a big deal because of the distance you have to travel to get there. One of the main reasons why a holiday here is considered to be a dream trip is that many of the 300 islands that make up the country offer private and exclusive resorts. These are amongst some the most romantic and luxurious destinations in the world.

Another reason to visit Fiji as part of your cruise is the fact that the nation is considered one of the happiest on the planet. At the end of 2014, Fiji came out on top of the Win/Gallup End of Year Survey with 93% of its inhabitants stating that they are happy. Among the reasons for this are the sense of community, the excellent climate and the great food.


Dubai Marina

Dubai is, without doubt, a cruise destination on the up. And because of the city’s opulent and luxurious nature, it is widely considered to be a dream holiday destination. The ports in both Dubai and Abu Dhabi are expanding to make room for the increase in ocean traffic and the varied list of things to do and see mean that holidaymakers in this part of the world are always awestruck.

As another place which offers beautiful weather all year round, it’s easy to see why people dream of visiting somewhere like Dubai. It has some of the most impressive hotels in the world and offers the most five-star of all five-star services. Check out our blog post on everything you need to know before you head off on a Gulf cruise.


Antarctica Cruise

If there is one place that is the epitome of a once-in-a-lifetime holiday, it would have to be Antarctica. The frozen landscape is a destination in which few people will ever set foot and one which offers experiences that cannot be replicated elsewhere in the world. It also has the ‘brag factor’ and is sure to make everyone feel jealous that they’re not in your shoes.

Expedition cruises to Antarctica are becoming more and more popular, with a range of operators dedicating their services solely to the polar region. The season lasts from November to March and your visit could include highlights such as penguin chicks hatching, whales following the ship and multiple winter sports opportunities.

If you would like to make next year the year that you finally visit your dream destination, we have a wide range of 2016 cruises available. Browse the website or call our team today for more information.

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