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Destinations Best Seen From The Sea

Whenever you go on holiday, there are always various options as to how you get there. You can fly straight to your destination and be at your hotel within hours, take the train and travel a more scenic route, or journey within your own floating hotel as you enjoy a leisurely cruise. And when you get there, your experience of most destinations will be the same; regardless of which of the above options you chose.

However, there are certain destinations in which this is not the case. Some places offer a totally different viewpoint, and create memories that are far more vivid, when they are approached in a cruise ship. So, with this in mind, here are some of our favourite destinations that are best seen from the sea.

Sydney, Australia

Sydney Harbour

Australia’s largest city has perhaps one of the most recognisable skylines in the world. And, of course, you can easily get wonderful views of the stunning harbour from anywhere on land, but this struggles to compare with sailing into the city. The waters will flatten out as you travel out of the turbulent Tasman Sea and into Port Jackson. Then, as you round the headland, you’ll get your first glimpse of the Sydney Opera House with the Harbour Bridge in the background. As you clamber up onto deck with your camera at the ready, you’ll know, without doubt, that you’ve seen Sydney’s best side.

The Panama Canal, Panama

Panama Canal

You can witness the spectacular sight of the Panama Canal at various points along the country, but this thought pales into insignificance when you consider traversing the length of this modern day wonder of the world. Travelling along the Panama Canal in a cruise ship will allow you to see this man-made route in all its glory as you sail past major towns and through more rural areas. You will get to experience the many different lochs that need to be navigated and be able to see the giant cargo ships that are also taking this shortcut from the Pacific into the Atlantic.

The Norwegian Fjords, Norway

Norwegian Fjords

A Norwegian Fjords cruise offers some of the most impressive natural landscapes you will ever see. Travelling along the coastal route means that you get to witness them up close and can also visit many different points along this magnificent part of Norway in a short space of time. It is possible to visit one of the country’s various national parks and view the fjords from the land, but only when travelling by sea will you be able to experience the true extent of the awe-inspiring scenery on display. Also, the smaller the ship you choose; the closer you will be able to get. A Fred. Olsen or Azamara cruise will take you where the larger ships could never go and provide a truly enriching experience.

Cinque Terre, Italy

Cinque Terre

Much of Italy’s coastline is best viewed from the ocean, but the hidden gem of Cinque Terre is definitely a highlight. As you sail into the port of La Spezia, just north of Pisa, you will be greeted by picturesque villages set within the hillside. The multi-coloured houses will create a sense of nostalgia and offer a panoramic view that couldn’t be seen from the land.

Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town

Table Mountain dominates South Africa’s legislative capital and looms above the city’s skyline. However, the best views of Cape Town are provided to those who sail into port on a cruise ship. Be sure to get a good spot on deck as you make your way into Table Bay with picture perfect scenery laid out in front of you. It is almost as though the country is welcoming you with open arms and beckoning you to take your seat around its table.

If you would like to see the best side of any of these destinations and visit them by sea, we can offer ocean cruises with varying itineraries. Take a look at the different options on the website and call us today for more information.

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