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Cruise Ports That Are On The Rise

After a record-breaking 2015, which saw 23.3 million people enjoy an ocean cruise, CLIA has recently re-evaluated their prediction for passenger numbers in 2016. The Cruise Lines International Association now expects a massive 24.2 million people to choose this type of holiday this year, resulting in another 4% increase from the year before.

But where are all of these holidaymakers planning to go? Here are a few ports which are on the rise and hoping for an increase in cruise visitors over the next few months.

Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi

The cruise season in this part of the world has just come to a close and statistics show that the port of Abu Dhabi received a 16% increase in cruise ship passengers compared to 2014/2015. This is largely due to the fact that the capital of the UAE has recently opened a new terminal which has been described as world class. Its design was chosen as the winner of a competition and many cruise lines have opted to homeport vessels here. Fantastic attractions such as Ferrari World and a Middle Eastern outpost for Paris’s famous Louvre museum (due to open at the end of the year), along with perennially hot weather lure tourists from all over the world.



The current weak Canadian Dollar has seen an increase in tourism to the country on the whole, but Vancouver is due to see a lot of this. The city is often visited as part of Alaska cruises and is also benefitting from the burgeoning Asian cruise market. A massive 10 million people are expected to overnight in Vancouver during 2016, with a large chunk of these arriving by cruise ship.



According to many reports, Cozumel is on the verge of becoming the most visited cruise port in the world. At the moment, this accolade belongs to Nassau but a boom in Mexican tourism is expected to nudge this island ahead of its Caribbean rival. Whilst Mexico has welcomed a 44% increase in cruise passengers over the past three years and is estimating figures in excess of 6 million for 2016, many of these holidaymakers are heading for areas within the state of Quintana Roo. Tourists see destinations like Cancun, Tulum and Cozumel as being much safer than other areas of a country struggling with drug and crime problems.

Trinidad & Tobago


Whilst the above increases are impressive, they pale when you consider that Trinidad and Tobago’s visitors went up by a massive 104% in 2015 compared to 2014. Whilst Caribbean cruises were very popular overall, this two-island nation saw the biggest growth in the entire region. This was largely down to Tobago’s ability to accommodate the larger cruise ships, increasing the capacity of liners it could hold from the year before. And the growth is set to continue. Officials are aiming to improve the quality and marketing of cultural events such as the annual carnival in order to continue attracting passengers from North America and Europe.


Sydney Harbour

2015 may have been the year of the Asia cruise market boom, but 2016 is set to see Australia steal this crown. The region (which also includes New Zealand and the Pacific) saw 14% more visitors last year and is predicted to exceed that during the current season. The largest port in the area, Sydney, will welcome much of these tourists, offering some of the most iconic attractions in the world. However, the largest ships in the world cannot sail under the iconic Harbour Bridge and so an additional port could be on the cards. With a current navy-operated site on the radar, this could create an even bigger boom for Australian cruises over the next few years.

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