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Celebrity Cruises Offers Us ‘A Different View’

Celebrity Cruises

It’s safe to say that cruise lines don’t indulge in too much TV advertising here in the UK, opting for other methods and media instead. However, a new campaign has been launched by Celebrity Cruises in order to encourage cruisers to seek ‘a different view’ aboard one of their ships.

Earlier on in the year, P&O Cruises debuted a TV advertising campaign which featured actor and comedian Rob Brydon along with the tagline ‘this is the life’. Now, Celebrity Cruises is looking to find its way into our living rooms with a film of their own. Shot aboard the impressive Celebrity Silhouette, there isn’t an actor in sight. Instead, to preserve the authenticity of the experience, a number of real life guests grace the screen, showing us what we can look forward to when sailing with the cruise line.

Celebrity Cruises Canyon Ranch Spa Club

Cruisers are seen enjoying themselves on the Lawn Club (which features the only real, growing grass at sea), eating at restaurants such as The Porch, relaxing in the Canyon Ranch Spa Club and dancing in the ship’s nightclub. All of this was filmed during one of the vessel’s Mediterranean itineraries and there is a clear focus on the destinations too. The advert allows us to follow guests as they venture ashore, exploring cultural sights and visiting local markets as they go. There’s also room for the crew to show how important they are to a Celebrity cruise. The film features sommeliers climbing high to select a bottle from the shelves, talented bar staff mixing and pouring cocktails and passionate chefs preparing flavoursome dishes.

The advert first shown on channel four on Sunday the 11th of October, during the latest series of Homeland. Along with shorter snippets, it will continue to be played throughout October and November on Channel 4, More 4 and Film 4.

Celebrity Cruises Ashore

The phrase ‘a different view’ is used to inspire us to pursue new and exotic surroundings. There’s no doubt that it creates a sense of wanderlust and is bound to appeal to many British holidaymakers.

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