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Britain’s Perfect Cruise Holiday

There are many different ways to cruise. Decisions that range from where you go to which extras you opt for will have an impact on the type of cruise you end up with and all are important considerations.

But what would Britain’s perfect cruise look like? A recent survey conducted by Readers Offers has thrown some light on what it is that British cruisers look for when choosing their holiday. Here are some of the key things.


Southampton Cruise Port

It’s no surprise that travellers are looking for a hassle-free start to their holiday and that’s exactly what a no-fly cruise will give you. And, with fantastic homeports like Southampton, Liverpool and Newcastle all over the country, it’s so simple to begin relaxing from the moment you leave your door. Cutting out the need to wait at an airport, not to mention the extra time and planning involved in getting there, makes everything much simpler. A massive 82% of the 700 people asked said they would consider a no-fly cruise again.

To The Med Or Northern Europe

Cinque Terre

With no-fly cruises being so popular, it follows that Britain’s favourite destination in which to cruise is the Mediterranean. Easily reached by just one or two days of sailing, the region offers sun, sea and sumptuous food in abundance. With so many different areas to explore, you can go back again and again and visit different ports every time. Just as popular for British cruisers are the destinations in Northern Europe such as the Norwegian fjords and the Baltic. This area offers stunning scenery and fascinating cities to explore.

Researched Online

Travel Planning Online

Whilst many use travel magazines and newspaper articles too, 71% of Brits said they researched their holiday online before they booked it. This can include anything from seeing what there is to do in each port to taking a virtual look around the ship. In a world where almost everything is done online, it makes sense to plan your holiday in this way and the fact that cruise travellers are doing this too proves the older generation are no strangers to a bit of delving around on the internet.

With A Favoured Cruise Line

Crown and Anchor Society Royal Caribbean

It makes sense that when you find a cruise line you love you would want to cruise with them again. It seems that Brits know a good thing when they find it and are keen to try and recreate the same experience every time they cruise. With operators such as Royal Caribbean and P&O Cruises offering great loyalty club bonuses, its understandable guests are happy to return again and again. Just 18% of people said that they would choose the cheapest cruise, irrespective of the cruise line, proving that the company behind the cruise is one of the most important aspects.

With Tips and Wi-Fi Included

Free Wi-Fi

There are many extras that cruise lines throw in from time to time during special offer periods or to persuade people to book a higher grade of cabin, but it seems the two most desirable perks are free Wi-Fi and the inclusion of gratuities. Us Brits struggle to know how much to tip at the best of times, not least when there are multiple different people to give gratuities to and a level of vagueness in regards to when to tip. Having them included in the cruise fare means you can relax and not have to worry about offending anyone.

As far as Wi-Fi is concerned, it has slowly been getting better on the ocean waves, meaning guests can keep in contact with their loved ones so much easier. Therefore including free internet in the initial price is a great way to entice people on board.

Does this sound like your perfect cruise holiday? Contact us today and we will find your ideal itinerary.

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