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A Guide To Less Waiting And More Fun During Your Cruise

With modern cruise ships offering space for thousands of guests at a time, it’s no surprise that certain facilities can get crowded at certain periods. Of course, you could always choose to sail on a smaller ship, which many people do, but what if you want to enjoy all the added entertainment that comes with cruising on a vessel such as Harmony of the Seas, Britannia or Norwegian Joy?

Here are a few great tips that will mean you spend less time queuing for things and more time enjoying yourself.

Head To The Main Restaurant On Embarkation Day

Oriental Restaurant Britannia

When everybody arrives onto the ship, you can be sure of two things – they are hungry and they are eager to start their holiday. This usually means they head straight for the buffet so that they can grab as much food as they like and get on with enjoying themselves. It’s not as easy of that, though. With so many people heading to the same area of the ship, lines can get pretty long.

Instead, head to the main restaurant or one of the speciality options. Yes, you may have to pay a small cover charge for the latter, but you will be able to eat a lot quicker and won’t have a hangry start to your holiday. Better still, pack something in your carry-on for lunch or eat at the port.

Eat Lunch Late

Late Lunch

During sea days, it’s likely that most people will be heading to lunch between the hours of 12 and 2. Therefore, if you can hold on until later than that, you won’t have to queue as long for any of the restaurants. Also, there’s the added bonus of enjoying shorter or no lines at the other facilities whilst everyone else is eating.

Stay On Board During Port Days

Disney Wonder Quiet Cove Pool

If you have already been to one of the destinations on your itinerary or a certain port doesn’t really appeal to you, why not stay on board for the day instead? The majority of people will head off to explore and you can make the most of all the entertainment without having to wait in long lines. On longer cruises, you could always sacrifice your least favourite port in favour of having the ship to yourself for the entire day.

Upgrade Your Accommodation

NCL Haven

In many cases, the guests that book higher grades of accommodation will be given access to private areas of the ship where they can avoid the lines and relax a bit more. Whether that means having access to Royal Caribbean’s private sun deck or soaking up the luxury of NCL’s Haven, the extra money you pay is well worth it. Also, staying in a suite will mean that you can take advantage of things like free room service and the option to dine in exclusive restaurants away from the crowds.

Take The Stairs If You Can

MSC Stairs

If you added up all the time you spend waiting for the lift during an average cruise holiday, you would probably realise that a lot of time is wasted. This is especially true during the evenings when everybody is trying to either return to their cabin, get to the restaurant or make their way to the theatre. Because of this, if you are able to use the stairs then it’s usually the quicker option. Plus, you’ll be able to make room for a guilt-free dessert.

Arrive Late On Embarkation Day

Cruise Terminal

Whilst we would never recommend cutting it too fine when it comes to arriving at the ship to start your holiday, there can be plenty of advantages to arriving slightly later than most people. This will mean that you don’t have to hang around in the terminal building and can almost walk straight onto the ship. There’s nothing better than a stress-free start to your holiday

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