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5 Ways To Personalise Your Cruise Experience

Some people don’t like the larger cruise ships that are launched to big fanfares and that have the capacity for thousands of holidaymakers at once. That’s fair enough – they’re not for everyone. But there’s no reason why being a small part of a large crowd has to mean that your cruise experience is the same as everyone else’s.

It’s easy to see why many cruisers feel it’s impossible to have a personalised experience when there are so many people on board doing the same things as you, but here are a few ways you can make the holiday your own.

Book A Pre Or Post-Cruise Stay

The Colosseum in Rome

Most of the people on the ship with you will be flying in just before the cruise and then flying out on the day you dock in your final port. Why not decide to extend your holiday? You could add a few days in your departure port before you set sail or some time at the end of the cruise to chill out on land before you head back to your daily routine. The great thing is that the majority of cruises will begin and end in a popular city, so there will be plenty to see and do.

Decorate Your Cabin

Cruise Ship Cabins

The chances are that all the cabins in one particular grade will look exactly the same, so why not decorate yours to give it that personal touch? After all, this is going to be your home away from home for the next 7/10/14 days and any familiar additions are likely to help you relax even more. This could be anything from your favourite cushion for the bed, some bunting to hang on the walls or even some drawings that the grandchildren have done.

Many cruisers also like to beautify their cabin doors with stickers, lights, homemade signs and just about anything else you can think of. Not only does this personalise your private space, it also helps you immediately recognise your cabin on a long corridor of identical doors. Check out this video to see someone who has taken this idea to the next level.

Eat In The Speciality Dining Areas

Red Ginger Oceania Cruises

Nearly all cruise ships will offer at least one main dining area along with one or two other ‘speciality restaurants’. A meal in the main restaurant or buffet will be included as part of your cruise fare but the other, often themed, dining venues will require an additional charge. However, that’s not to say that you shouldn’t enjoy a delicious meal in one of these.

Whilst the central dining areas are likely to be busy, opting to eat in a speciality restaurant is a great way to have a more intimate evening and treat yourself to your favourite cuisine. It’s a nice idea when you’re celebrating a special occasion too. Some of our favourite speciality restaurants include Oceania Cruises’ Red Ginger (Asian), Royal Caribbean’s Giovanni’s Table (Italian) and Norwegian Cruise Line’s Cagney’s Steak House.

If you want to personalise your cruise dining even further, you could also decide to order room service one night/morning and eat on your balcony – assuming your cruise line has this option. What better way is there to create a romantic evening at sea?

Organise A Private Excursion

Taj Mahal Private Tour

Although cruise lines do their best to ensure their excursions don’t feel make you feel like you’re being transported around in large groups like cattle, sometimes it is unavoidable. It’s natural that everyone wants to see the most popular sights and attractions and this can make them feel anything but special. To personalise this a bit more, you could book a private excursion either through the cruise line or direct with a tour operator. Activities with limited spaces are likely to cost more but at least you will get a more authentic experience.

Many private operators will have intimate excursions available, giving you the chance to see things the public wouldn’t normally get to see, have a VIP experience or have the sole attention of the tour guide. Just remember that if you book through a third party and you are late in returning, the ship is not required to wait.

Pamper Yourself On Board

Spa Disney fantasy

One of the best ways to personalise your cruise and make it really special is to pamper yourself with a relaxing spa treatment on board the ship. Whether you choose a simple massage or a head-to-toe makeover, you’ll be able to enjoy some peace and relaxation whilst also making the most of those long sea days.

With spa areas at sea being so big these days, you don’t even have to splash out on a treatment to enjoy what they have to offer. Private cabanas, stylish sun decks and adult-only pools can all be found for a small price or sometimes completely free.

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