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5 Ways To Have An ‘Appy Cruise

Apps are everywhere these days. They’re on your phone, on your PC, on your tablet, on your watch, and now on your cruise too. However, far from being a superfluous program that fills a bit of space on your device, these applications can actually enhance your cruise holiday.

Many operators have introduced their own mobile app to help their customers get more from their trip. This could be either before or during your cruise, but it is worth downloading them to see what all the fuss is about. And with Wi-Fi becoming cheaper, faster and more widely available, there’s nothing to stop you from being connected whilst at sea.

Here are some of the best apps from popular cruise lines.

Royal iQ – Royal Caribbean

Finger On Phone

We recently got the chance to try out this app for ourselves when we stepped on board Anthem of the Seas for a special pre-inaugural event. And, whilst the app wasn’t in full flow (due to it not being an actual cruise), it was easy to see the advantages it has. By downloading Royal iQ and logging onto Royal Caribbean’s Wi-Fi (which is the self-professed fastest connection on a cruise ship), you can organise every day of your cruise from one main dashboard.

Whether you want to book your table at one of the signature restaurants, secure your seat for that evening’s performance of We Will Rock You, or simply treat yourself to a treatment in the spa; it can all be arranged at the click of a button (or two). With everything there is to do on Royal Caribbean’s Quantum and Oasis class ships, you can also use Royal iQ to schedule activities such as the North Star and even book shore excursions.

Connect @ Sea – Oceania

Oceania’s Connect @ Sea app can be downloaded for free from both Google Play and the iStore and is a great way to keep in contact with your friends and family that are on the ship with you. As long as both people have the app and are logged onto the ship’s Wi-Fi, you can call and message each other over an internet connection.

This means that you don’t have to worry about having a phone signal and that, once you’ve paid for a Wi-Fi package (or logged on for free if you are staying in selected suite and stateroom grades), you can talk and message as much as you like. The app can also be used for ship-to-sure communications at an extra cost.

Navigator – Disney Cruise Line


Although navigator is only currently available on Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy, it will be extended to the rest of the fleet by the end of 2015. Use this app whilst you are on board to find out where your favourite Disney characters are going to be and plan your meet and greet sessions with them.

You can also start thinking about what you are going to have for dinner, by looking at the different menus, and make your way around the ship without getting lost, by looking at the deck plans. A map of Disney’s private retreat, Castaway Cay, can also be found on the Navigator app and it can be used before you sail to help you countdown to your holiday.

Ship Mate – Cruiseline.com

This app has not been created by a specific cruise line, but is the brain child of cruise review platform, cruiseline.com. It has been voted ‘Best Cruise App’ and has just as much functionality when being used offline as it does with an internet connect, which is perfect for when you’re at sea.

The features of Ship Mate are useful way before you even step onboard your vessel. Simply enter you cruise number and the date you are sailing and start exploring your ship and the ports you will visit. The app allows you to meet and contact other people who will be on your cruise, whilst you plan your shore excursions and the best things to do in each destination by reading reviews from other cruisers.

All of this means that, once you are on board, everything is effortless. You can keep in contact with your new ship mates without an internet connection, whilst uploading pictures of the wonderful time you are having together. Your loved ones back home can even track your ship’s whereabouts by using the app on their phone.

Ship Mate is completely free and has recently consolidated all its different cruise line versions into one app that encompasses all the major lines.

Cruise Lingo – Celebrity Cruises

Hello In Different Languages

The premium version of the Cruise Lingo app may cost around £6.21 for one month’s usage, but it could well become indispensable during your Celebrity cruise. The main aim is to help you get to grips with the language of the destinations you are going to visit and, with 1,000 phrases in 11 languages, it’s sure to help you communicate easier.

If you struggle with doing the translated phrases justice in your own tongue, you can simply speak into the app in English and then it will respond with the foreign translation. Alternatively, you can access specific audio files to really get your pronunciation down to a tee. Cruise Lingo can also help you keep track of what you are spending by showing currency conversions and calculating how much you should tip. There is also a free version available, but the features are somewhat reduced

If you would like to book a cruise with any of these operators, and take advantage of the apps they have available, contact our dedicated team today. We can tailor-make your holiday to include all the things you would like to experience.