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5 Things That Excite Us About Celebrity Edge

Last week, you may have heard the exciting news that Celebrity Cruises have announced that their latest ship is now on sale. Celebrity Edge is the first of a brand new class of vessel and is packed full of innovations that take cruising to the next level in terms of enhancing your experience on board.

Setting sale in 2018, staterooms and suites are now available to book. Plus, if you do so before the 3rd of May 2017, you could bag yourself a free Classic Drinks package for two. Click here for more information.

So, to whet your appetite for this fantastic new ship, here are the five things we are most excited about seeing on board.

Reimagined Accommodation

Celebrity Edge - Edge Villa

No matter which type of accommodation you choose, you will have access to some new features that will make your stateroom or suite even more comfortable and even more welcoming. The new Edge Staterooms offer an infinite balcony concept, which turns the whole room into a walkout veranda at the touch of a button. This is something that has graced many of the newest river ships in recent years but it is the first time we have seen it at sea. That’s not the only thing you’ll have control of, though. A digital panel will allow you to adjust the lighting, turn the TV on and personalise the space in a number of other ways.

Meanwhile, in the suites, you can choose to look out at the stunning views from a position above the bridge in the sumptuous Iconic Suites or relax over two floors in a spacious Edge Villa (above). The former offers sweeping panoramas via large glass windows, whilst the second option gives you your own private terrace complete with inviting plunge pool.

The Magic Carpet

Celebrity Edge Magic Carpet

Probably the most noticeable new addition, the Magic Carpet offers a range of different experiences depending on the time of day. Situated on the side of the ship and about the same size as a tennis court, the lift-like structure offers a seating area which can move between decks. It’s a similar concept to Royal Caribbean’s Rising Tide Bar, except it is on the vessel’s exterior.

In the morning of port days, it will be positioned on deck two and provide a seamless way to access the sizable new tenders, before moving on to deck five where it will offer al fresco dining at lunch time. Later in the afternoon, you can find the magic carpet on deck 14 where you can enjoy some delicious cocktails close to the pool. Then, as the sun sets, it moves up to deck 16 to act as the perfect setting for intimate dining experiences and live music.

The Retreat

Celebrity Edge Retreat

The Retreat continues a trend that have been present on many of the newest vessels in recent years – the ship within a ship concept. Anybody booking Suite Class accommodation will have access to this exclusive section, giving you the chance to relax in private areas of Celebrity Edge. The pool area offers spectacular views, hanging pods to sit in, a bar that is sure to be less crowded than others on the ship and, of course, a pool. You’ll also be able to unwind inside the lounge, where complimentary drinks and snacks will be offered throughout the day.

Lastly, The Retreat is home to the elegant restaurant Luminae. This private fine dining venue tempts you not only with the signature dishes on the menu but with the excellent views through the panoramic windows.

Rooftop Garden

Celebrity Edge Rooftop Garden

Found on the Resort Deck, the Rooftop Garden is sure to be a hub of activity day and night. Celebrity is known for being the first ship to put real grass on their cruise ships and this is yet another horticulturally inspired area to enjoy.

During the day, there will be interactive games and music happening in this relaxing area, whilst special entertainment will be offered in the evening. ‘A Taste of Film’ will mix culinary delights with cinematic ones, as live performers serenade you from mini stages installed in the tree-like structures dotted around the garden.


Celebrity Edge Cabanas

If you haven’t booked yourself into a suite but you still want to relax in a cosy and somewhat private area during the day, the cabanas are perfect. There are six of these comfortable seating spaces on the opposite side of the ship to the Magic Carpet and they offer amazing views out to sea. You can chill out here with a drink in your hand and they are even big enough to offer a secluded escape for the entire family.

As we get closer to Celebrity Edge’s maiden cruise, there are sure to be more exciting and innovative features announced. Keep up to date with our regular blog posts and call us for free on 0808 250 8958 to book your place on this revolutionary new ship. Don’t forget, there’s a chance to earn yourself a free drinks package if you secure your place before the 3rd of May 2017. Plus, we have lots of other itineraries from Celebrity Cruises if you are looking to sail in 2017 or you want to experience one of the line’s other vessels.

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