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5 Reasons To Stay On Board When The Ship Docks

One of the best things about a cruise is the chance to visit so many wonderful destinations in one trip and only have to unpack once. So, with that being said, it seems counterproductive to stay on board and miss out on the sights whilst everyone else heads ashore. However, if, for example, you have already visited a particular port or it’s not somewhere you are especially keen to explore, there are many benefits to staying on the ship.

No Queues

Royal Caribbean's Flowrider

The biggest plus about staying on the ship is that fact that suddenly you no longer have to wait in line for any of the activities. Want to try Royal Caribbean’s Flowrider? A shore day is the perfect time. Want to walk the plank on one of the newest NCL ships? Now’s your chance. Had your eye on a game of shuffleboard all week? Take advantage and challenge a friend.

Although the most popular facilities are unlikely to be completely empty, you’ve still got a much better chance of enjoying your turn without the long waits when most of the ship is ashore.

Peace and Quiet


One of the first things you will notice following the early morning scramble to leave the ship is the peace and quiet that is left behind. Whilst everyone else sets their alarm and queues up for the tender boats, you can have a well-deserved lie-in and slowly make your way down for a delicious breakfast.

After that, make use of the extra deck space to explore the hidden nooks and peaceful hideaways that can be hard to find when the vessel is full. Then, head to the pool for a relaxing sunbathe because there’s…

No Need To Fight For A Sun Lounger

Sunbathing With A Book

The diluted numbers on board mean that you don’t need to get up at the crack of dawn just to reserve your sunbed, and you don’t need to fight anyone for the best spots either.

Even though most cruise ships will have more than one pool and plenty of sun loungers, it can still be difficult to bag a good spot during sea days. Make the most of the peaceful shore days to top-up your tan, read a few chapters of that book you can’t put down and take a relaxing soak in the Jacuzzi without having to share the bubbles.

Discounted Spa Treatments

Azamara Quest Spa Treatment

Cruise ship spas know that most people will be heading off the ship when it docks in port and so they often offer discounted treatments in an attempt to make you stay on board. During sea days, the spa is usually packed and the most popular therapies get booked up weeks in advance of the cruise setting sail.

However, the combination of more slots available and a discounted price makes skipping the sights in favour of a rejuvenating massage or body scrub a very attractive prospect.

Save Money


Saving money may not be enough on its own to make you choose the ship over the shore but, when combined with the other reasons above, the chance to keep your wallet in your pocket until you reach a destination you’re really excited about is definitely an added bonus.

Staying on board means you get to dine in one of the ship’s fantastic restaurants for free, rather than finding somewhere to eat amongst the overpriced tourist traps that are often found in the vicinity of where the vessel docks. Choosing the onboard buffet or main dining venue will, instead, leave you with more money to spend in that romantic restaurant you’ve researched in the next port of call.

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