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5 Designs For Cruise Ships Of The Future

It’s at this time of the year that experts like to look ahead at what changes will be happening within the cruise industry over the next 12 months. New ships, like these; new trends; and the latest new destinations that we all should be excited about.

However, whilst we agree that 2018 is sure to be a fantastic year for cruising and cruisers, we’re casting our gaze a bit further ahead. The future of the cruise holiday can take many different paths – the path to become more energy efficient; the path to allowing more people than ever to climb aboard these mega-ships; or the path that reverts to smaller, ultra-luxurious ships that offer a lavish lifestyle for a lucky few.

So, we take a look at some of the proposed designs for cruise ships of the future to see how your holiday could look in 50 years’ time.


The Skyscraper

If cruise lines want to carry on increasing their capacity, they need to either build out or up. This design opts for the latter, combining city-like skyscrapers with the cruise ships of today. With such a top-heavy design, the hull would need to be altered to become more like a trimaran (a ship with a main hull and two smaller hulls either side), but it’s definitely one way things could go.

The Floating Base

This design uses the idea of building sideways rather than up to create a floating base that would allow travellers more freedom during their sea travels. The idea would be to have a main circular area in the middle – which housed the check-in desk, the engine and maybe a few restaurants – and then multiple ‘arms’ coming off in different directions. This would be where the accommodation was located and each cabin would have its own small boat for explorations. Guests could then make their way to a number of destinations in the area where the ship chooses to stop or simply venture out to sea for some water sports.

The Destination Ship

This next idea would turn a giant ship (although it wouldn’t look anything like today’s vessels) into the actual destination. Nowadays, many cruise lines have their own private island which guests can enjoy exclusively when they choose to sail with that company. In the future, though, these islands could be replaced by giant resorts that could be moved around under their own propulsion.

You would sail out to the base on board a convention ship, dock at the base, and then spend your holiday enjoying all the amazing facilities and activities in the middle of the ocean. Sometimes it could be in the Caribbean, sometimes it could be in the Mediterranean. These resort ships would also be large enough for multiple vessels to dock there at once.


Whilst the other options on this list may be a bit ‘pie in the sky’, for now at least, this futuristic ship is already being built. Japanese organisation, Peace Boat, is currently in the process and having a brand new ship created by Oliver Design, expected to be the greenest vessel at sea. The company currently sails the world offering educational programmes that promote peace, sustainability and equal rights for all, and soon they will have a ship to match their plight.

Ecoship will include a variety of features to ensure it is incredibly environmentally friendly. This includes a closed loop wastage system so that water is recycled, 10 retractable sails that produce energy from sunlight, 10 wind generators, additional solar panels and a plant kingdom that covers five decks to reuse CO2 and water. There will also be vegetable gardens in which food resources will be grown. Let’s hope more vessels follow this example in the future to help reduce energy usage and emissions.

The Flying Ship

Ok, so this last one isn’t exactly a cruise vessel. But, it has been described as a cross between a plane and an ocean-going ship. The giant blimp-like structure would have various enclosed decks as well as an open-air top deck complete with swimming pool and sun loungers. This may sound like the most outrageous design on the list, but you never know what the future could hold. Plus, an American company has already built a zeppelin/hovercraft hybrid - could this be the next step?

For now, though, we will have to make do with the state-of-the-art vessels that the likes of Royal Caribbean, Virgin Voyages, MSC Cruises and Celebrity Cruises are currently building. Not a bad substitute we think you’ll agree. If you would like to sail on any of these boundary-breaking vessels, call our team today on 0808 271 6276.

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