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4 Things First Time Cruisers Should Take From ‘The Cruise’

For the last few weeks, Friday mornings in the office have been abuzz with talk of the previous night’s television. That’s because fly-on-the-wall documentary ‘The Cruise’ has been airing on Thursday nights in a bid to show people that have never cruised before what life is like on board a cruise ship.

It is not the first show to attempt to do this, though. Back in 2014, a similar programme entitled ‘The Cruise Ship’ appeared on ITV, with avid cruisers and people in the industry feeling disappointed by the eccentric light in which this kind of holiday was shown. This latest series seems to have won over more fans, but it is still important to take some of it with a pinch of salt if you are considering sailing off on your first cruise.

Here are four things worth to think about in regards to what we’ve seen so far.

Princess Is Just One Cruise Line

Regal Princess

It is important to remember that Princess Cruises is just one of many cruise lines that are out there. If you like what you have seen on board Regal Princess then this may well be the operator for you, but if you find yourself wondering what all the fuss is about that is no reason to dismiss the idea of cruising entirely. Instead, consider some of the other options such as Royal Caribbean, Norwegian Cruise Line or Celebrity Cruises. The entertainment, dining and recreational facilities offered by these cruise lines’ ships may be much more to your liking.

There Are Younger Cruisers Out There

Royal Caribbean Family

Something that the 2014 documentary got so wrong was its inability to give an honest portrayal of the age range that can be found on a cruise ship. ‘The Cruise’ has been slightly better at this, but if you are still asking where all the younger cruisers are, it’s worth remembering they are out there. Regal Princess, and Princess Cruises on the whole, is aimed at more mature holidaymakers. If you were to step aboard a Disney Cruise Lines ship or one of Royal Caribbean’s newest vessels, the chances are that you would see a much younger crowd.

Don’t Forget The Destination

Rio De Janeiro

Whilst ‘The Cruise’ is very good at showing us what happens on board the Regal Princess, perhaps a more apt name for the show would be ‘The Ship’. Besides a brief look at the Stockholm archipelago when the captain was attempting an intricate manoeuvre on approach to the Swedish capital, we have seen very little of what a cruise holiday offers in port. For many people, the destinations that will be visited are the main reason for choosing the itinerary and so you shouldn’t forget this side to things. The idea of spending x amount of days on a ship may not be fantastically appealing, but you might decide it’s worth it to see so many wonderful places in one holiday. And, if most of your time is spent exploring, perhaps it doesn’t matter too much what life is like on board.

There Are Eccentric Characters On Every Holiday


In episode one, we were given an insight into one of the regular events that happens on a Princess cruise. The competition to see who was the most travelled passenger was won by regular cruisers Martha & Rusty Underwood, who demonstrated the more eccentric side of cruising. Whilst some will love the chance to brush shoulders with characters like this, others may be thinking a trip abroad featuring this kind of quirky personnel is not for them. However, it is safe to say that every type of holiday will offer its fair share of outlandishness. Whether it’s that person who always has a bit too much to drink around the hotel pool, the couple on the beach getting a little bit too friendly, or the person who likes to shout out of their hotel window to their friends below; they are largely inescapable wherever you go. Also, passionate cruisers are what make the experience for some people and are a great source of knowledge and advice for first timers.

It is safe to say that ‘The Cruise’ has divided opinion amongst those who have seen it and may well have encouraged a number of new cruisers to take the plunge. However, if you find the series hasn’t been that appealing so far, there are so many reasons why you shouldn’t allow it to put you off completely.

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