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4 Reasons To Cruise At Christmas

There are many special events throughout the year that you can enjoy at sea, your own birthday or anniversary being a prime example of a reason to celebrate. There are also cruises that allow you to experience specific sporting events and those that show you breathtaking natural occurrences like the Northern Lights. However, one of the most magical times of the year to sail off into the sunset is during the festive period. Here are five reasons why this is something every cruiser should consider.

Break The Routine

Christmas MSC Cruses

Christmas is a wonderful time of year, but we do tend to get stuck in the same routine. So, whilst there is nothing wrong with this, it’s always nice to change things up a little bit and inject some new life into your festive celebrations. A cruise gives you the chance to get away from your usual surroundings for a week or two and is sure to become something you’ll never forget. Even if it doesn’t become a regular thing, just sailing away once every few years if enough to give you a few unexpected surprises and reinvigorate your celebrations.

Spend Christmas In The Sun

Christmas in the Caribbean

One of the major positives of a Christmas cruise is that you will be able to escape the cold, wind, rain and snow of the UK and replace it with glorious sunshine and golden beaches. Those cosy nights in front of the fire may be a staple of a British Christmas but, given the opportunity to swap these for soaring temperatures and lazy afternoons by the pool, it seems like a pretty straightforward choice. At this time of year, Mediterranean, Canary Island and Caribbean cruises will guarantee some much-needed sun and longer days during which you can enjoy the festive atmosphere.

Relax, For Once

Christmas By The Pool

For some people, Christmas is always relaxing. However, for most of us, it’s a stressful time that involves last-minute dashes to the shops, hurriedly preparing your home for guests and slaving in the kitchen all day to create a masterpiece of a meal. So why not do away with the stress and give yourself the chance to take it easy and be pampered for once on board a Christmas cruise? Not only will you be able to enjoy an extravagant, delicious meal that you haven’t had to prepare, you can also spend the day doing whatever you like. Want to relax by the pool? No one’s going to stop you. Want to dance the night away at a festive soiree? It’s encouraged.

A Feeling Of Togetherness

A Christmas Party

Regular cruisers will already know about the feeling of camaraderie that is felt on board a ship. With everyone literally ‘in the same boat’, there is a general sense of togetherness and it’s easy to strike up conversations and make new friends. At Christmas, this is even more apparent as everyone enters the festive spirit and special activities are put on by the crew. You may be away from the rest of your family, but you will never feel alone with so many likeminded people around you.

It might be too late to plan a cruise for this Christmas, although there are still itineraries available, but now is the perfect time to get a great deal for Christmas 2018. Call us on 0808 274 5796 to talk about our range of options and save some money by booking early.

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