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3 Free Things To Do In Boston

Boston, Massachusetts is a popular port along the east coast of America and is included on many North American cruise itineraries. As one of the oldest cities in the US and the largest in New England, there is so much to do here. From history surrounding the American Revolution to inspiring sports teams and delicious seafood, you can find something for all tastes in Beantown (a nickname derived from the city’s favourite meal of baked beans in molasses).

And during a cruise that is also likely to include New York, there may be a need to save your hard-earned cash for the Big Apple and so here are some great things to do in Boston for free.

Hike To The Top Of Bunker Hill

Bunker Hill Monument

As mentioned above, Boston played a key role during the American Revolution and a hike up to the Bunker Hill Monument will leave you standing on the spot where the first major battle took place. This is where Colonel William Prescott released the famous battle cry “don’t fire until you see the whites of their eyes” and where, even though they lost, the inexperienced colonial army surprised the British troops.

The Bunker Hill Monument commemorates this battle and those who lost their lives. There is plenty more to learn inside the free museum, which stands next to the 200-foot high obelisk. If you take on the challenge of the 295 steps to the top of the monument, you’ll be treated to great views over Boston.

Enjoy Fine Art And Flawed Art

Antiuque Tuba

The city has plenty of free museums and galleries for you to explore, including the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum (free on your birthday and if you’re called Isabella) and the Harbour Gallery. However, art lovers should definitely head to the Museum of Fine Arts. Here you will find hundreds of thousands of pieces on display, ranging from contemporary art to ancient Egyptian jewellery and musical instruments from around the world. The museum is free on Wednesdays after 4pm (although a donation is encouraged) and there are many free open days throughout the year.

If the Museum of Fine Art leaves you mourning your own inability to draw anything decipherable, why not head to the Museum of Bad Art to make yourself feel a bit better. It’s located in the basement of the Somerville Theatre and features a growing collection of works that have either gone wrong or that were never right in the first place.

Savour A Sip Of Samuel Adams

American Beer

If all your sightseeing has made you thirsty, it’s time to sample a true Boston lager. It was 1985 when Samuel Adams was first seen in the bars and restaurants of Boston, but the recipe Jim Koch used in the brewing process was his great-great grandfather’s from 1870, so you could say it was a long time in the making.

But why taste your first drop of Samuel Adams in a bar when you can do it in the place where it’s actually made and after seeing the process for yourself? All brewery tours are free (suggested donation of $2 goes to charity, though) and everyone gets a sample at the end.

Bonus: Relax By The River

The Hatch Shell Boston

Boston has so many great green spaces that you can discover for free, including the oldest public park in the states – Boston Common. Once used for training military troops, the space was bought by the city residents in 1634 and now offers the perfect place to relax. If you are visiting in the summer, though, the most picturesque spot to sit is The Hatch Shell, an outdoor auditorium situated next to the Charles River that offers live music performances and screened movies.

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