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Black Watch Shopping

Black Watch’s Shopping


If you are feeling generous then perhaps the boutique will be a great place to buy your loved ones back home a gift or two. However, if you feel like it’s you that deserves to be spoilt then there are plenty of designer items to indulge yourself with.

From familiar fragrances to classy clothing options that can be worn immediately or saved until that special occasion when you’re back on dry land, there are many great shopping opportunities in the Black Watch Boutique.

Port Shop

The Port Shop will be your friend when you are in need; offering cruise essentials when you realise you have left something at home or you have run out of something important. Whether it’s necessary toiletries or unnecessary but desirable confectionary, this shop will be there when you need it most.

Photo Gallery

Looking for some great photos that sum up your cruising experience perfectly? Well why not see if the photography team has managed to capture you in your best light by browsing the photo gallery which features snaps taken at the daily events.

If you would prefer to savour the pictures you have taken yourself then you can always ask them to be stored on a disk or printed off there and then. Spare batteries and other camera paraphernalia can also be found in the nearby photo shop to ensure that you shutter finger doesn’t get too much of an easy ride.