A Closer Look at Adonia
Adonia Entertainment

Adonia's Entertainment

Curzon Lounge

If you are looking for an evening of exciting entertainment then the Curzon Lounge is exactly where you should go. West End quality performances are offered up every evening and there’s space for you to dance the night away to music from the live band.

The Crow’s Nest

As you may expect from the name, this area of Adonia offers the best views in the house. The beautiful panoramic windows allow you to see for miles around as you gaze out into the ocean or at your latest port of call. The live music and fantastic range of drinks available also makes the Crow’s Nest a great place to start or finish your evening.

Anderson’s Bar

Adonia Anderson's Bar

Take a seat prior to dinner and let the relaxing piano music take you away. This comfortable lounge area is both light and intimate, making it the perfect place to catch up with new friends or refuel after a long day with a refreshing cocktail.

Sky Deck Games

If you are not up on the Sky Deck for the remarkable views, the chances are that you are looking to take part in some of the games that are available. With a golf practise cage, a shuffle board area and a giant chess set, there’s plenty to keep you entertained.

The Card Room

If the weather rules out a game or two on the Sky Deck, or you are looking to pass the time with something a little slower-paced, then gather some friends around you and visit the card room. The baize covered tables and impressive dark wood features will provide the perfect backdrop for a dramatic hand or two.